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Undergraduate Advisement

Baylor Advisement Information

Freshmen are advised by the Office of Academic Advisement in Sid Rich 103. You can make an appointment with their office at (254) 710-7280.

Sophomore Biology majors are advised by CASA (College of Arts and Sciences) Advisement in Sid Rich 053. You can make an appointment with their office at (254) 710-1524.

Junior Biology majors are required to be advised through the Department of Biology.

While it is not required for Senior Biology majors to be advised through the Department of Biology, it is highly recommended.

To find out who your Department of Biology Advisor is please use the following chart:

Student's Last Name Advisor Email BSB Office Office Phone
 A through J  Dr. Diane Hartman  A.225 254-710-2107
 K through L  Dr. Erika Abel  A.126 254-710-2083
 M through O  Dr. Tammy Adair  C.309 254-710-2129
 P through R  Dr. Mojgan Parizi-Robinson  A.226 254-710-2569
 S  Dr. Marty Harvill  150D Earle Hall 254-710-2598
 T through V  Dr. Bob Baldridge  A.114 254-710-2080
 W through Z  Dr. Marcie Moehnke  A.215 254-710-2134
 CLS students  Dr. Marcie Moehnke  A.215 254-710-2134
 Graduate students  Dr. Ryan King  C.414 254-710-2150
 Limnology students  Dr. Owen Lind  C.420 254-710-2147

Closed Class permits:

If a biology class is closed, you may be able to get a permit to the class by speaking with the professor. This depends on the course. You may pick up a green closed class card in room B207 and take it to the professor.

Course offerings:

Upper level electives are not always taught every semester. The best way to find out for sure when upper level electives are going to be offered, is to check with the professor that normally teaches the course.  You can look at past semester course offerings on the Schedule of Classes page.

1V90 and 3V90 Research experiences:

Undergraduates are encouraged to explore their research interests. One of the best ways to find a lab group or project is to first review the faculty interests on the web page and then make an appointment to visit with a professor working in an area that interests you.

Internship and Summer Research Policy:

The Department of Biology does not issue course credit for work completed during summer internships or research programs. The BIO 3V90 course option is limited to research conducted at Baylor and under the supervision of departmental faculty.

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