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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Seminars for Excellence in Teaching (SET) is a program to equip graduate students, adjunct instructors, and temporary lecturers who are well-prepared Teachers Of Record (TORs), to meet the historic expectations of excellence in teaching at Baylor.

Teaching Opportunities

After accumulating 18 graduate credit hours, graduate students with assistantships usually teach one undergraduate course, such as pre-calculus, per semester. In order to enhance their teaching experience, graduate students who teach attend departmental or Graduate School teaching seminars each semester. In addition, faculty teaching mentors are utilized to help develop effective teaching pedagogy.

Folmar Research Grant

The Department of Biology funds both undergraduate and graduate research through the Folmar Research Fund. Proposals are accepted early in the spring semester and awards are made in April at the Annual Biology Awards Night.

For more information about this grant see information page included with application.

For application, please click here.

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