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Student Spotlights

Jason Taylor, doctoral candidate in biology, received the university's first-ever Science To Achieve Results (STAR) doctoral fellowship.

"It has proven to be beneficial to both the public and private sectors by providing a steady stream of well-trained environmental specialists to meet society's environmental challenges."

Individual - Jason Taylor

Tommy Pettit, Doctoral Student

"I came to Baylor to work with Dr. Kenneth Wilkins because he has done so many different projects with bats," he says. "He has allowed me access to all the resources of his lab, and has helped me to improve my writing skills for efficiently communicating the objectives and results of my research."

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Grant McChesney, Undergraduate

"When I stepped onto Baylor's campus, I discovered something beyond what I was looking for," Grant said. "At Baylor I found not only great education opportunities but also an opportunity for a different kind of learning experience. The Baylor experience is one of a kind, it was the only university I looked at that aimed to develop the whole person."

Martin Husemann, Doctoral Student

Martin commends the faculty as "always available, professional and welcoming." He strongly recommends this exclusive biology graduate program that prepares students for future careers and encourages independent research. "As one of many international students, Baylor gives me a good opportunity to learn about the American culture, as well as others, in a friendly and stimulating environment."

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