Parents of Prospective BIC Students

If your student is interested in the BIC or if you have received some preliminary information, you probably have many questions about this unique program. We hope to answer a few of them below. You may also want to visit the rest of the BIC website for more information about the courses and professors.

•What is the BIC?

The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) is one of four programs in the Honors College. It is an alternative core curriculum that meets students' general studies requirements for a degree from Baylor University. The program offers its students an interdisciplinary curriculum of course sequences that replaces traditional courses in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and physical sciences.

•What are the advantages of the BIC?

The BIC offers a more interactive experience for students to meet their core requriements. They enjoy the benefits of small group discussion, primary text reading, analytical thinking, and exposure to some of the best professors on Baylor's campus.

•How does the BIC compare to a non-BIC college experience?

The BIC is different from other college coursework. Classes often are focused on discussion and participation, which requires the student to come prepared. Students will discuss their interpretations of the texts and learn to analyze others views. They will enjoy interaction with professors and begin upper-level style seminar courses on Day 1 of their college experience.

•What is a typical BIC student?

Though there is no typical BIC student, many share common curiosities. A BIC student must enjoy learning, be self-motivated, have a desire to study new and different cultures, must be willing to engage and improve upon reading and writing skills, and a sense of perseverance.

•Will my child have a life outside the BIC? I want them to enjoy the full college experience.

While coursework is the cornerstone of the university, a college experience involves much more than classes. Our students participate in a variety of extracurriluar activities. We have students in fraternities and sororities, intramurals, theater, clubs, ministries, choirs, and sports. We also have students who enjoy a summer or semester abroad and many students who work on and off campus. Students will have time for that which they make time, but academics are a priority at Baylor and many students find that involvement in extracurriuluar activities is best suited after the first semester.

•Does this help them get a job or into graduate/medical/law school?

Our students find that the BIC provides a unique learning experience that will aid them in their post-graduate pursuits. Oftentimes, purpose statements and interviews are enhanced by the knowledge and skills gained in the BIC. In addition, the reading and writing required by BIC allows students to hone important skills.

Also check out the BIC FAQs for more information!