Dr. Lenore Wright

E-mail: Lenore_Wright@Baylor.edu 

Phone: 254-710-7332

Office: Morrison Hall 101.9 

Department: Baylor Interdisciplinary Core 

BIC Courses: World Culture III, Examined Life III 


An associate professor in the Honors College, J. Lenore Wright earned her Ph.D. in philosophy under the direction of Carolyn Korsmeyer from the State University of New York at Buffalo (’98), her M.A. in philosophy from Baylor University (’95), and her B.A. in philosophy summa cum laude from Morehead State University (’94).  She divides her teaching time between the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and her affiliated department, philosophy.   

Her research interests include Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Philosophy and Culture, and Feminist Theory.  In addition to her book, The Philosopher’s I: Autobiography and the Search for the Self (October 2006, SUNY Press), her most recent publications include the following:  “Plato’s Socrates and Soseki’s Sensei:  Living the Sovereign Life,” Asian Philosophy, vol. 15 no. 1 (March 2005):  61-76  “Socrates at the Cinema:  Using Film in the Philosophy Classroom,” co-authored with Anne-Marie Bowery (Teaching Philosophy, March 2003), “The Wonder of Barbie:  Female Representation in Popular Culture” (Essays in Philosophy vol. 4 no. 1, January 2003), and “Sam and Frodo’s Excellent Adventure:  A Journey Motif” in The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy (2003). Currently, she is completing a manuscript that explores the intersection between modern views of the self and anatomical art.  The work is entitled The Learned Anatomist.