Faculty Profiles

All BIC courses are team-taught and involve faculty from across the University and community. Below are those professors specifically assigned to the BIC, part-time BIC faculty, and faculty from other departments who teach in the BIC.



Frieda Blackwell, Ph.D.
Candi Cann, Ph.D.
Paul Carron, Ph.D.
Sharon A. Conry, M.S.
William F. Cooper, Ph.D.
David Warren Hendon, Ph.D., Director Emeritus
Stacey Hibbs, Ph.D.
Thomas S. Hibbs, Ph.D., Dean of Honors College
Carrolle Kamperman, M.A., Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Paul Larson, Ph.D.
J. Mark Long, Ph.D.
Jim Marsh, Ph.D.
Charles McDaniel, Ph.D.
Ann McGlashan, Ph.D.
Adam Moore, M.S.Ed., M.T.S., Assistant Director of Student and Alumni Initiatives
Melanie Nogalski, D.Min., Assistant Director of Programs and Admissions
Ivo Novakovic, Ph.D.
Samuel Perry, Ph.D.
Bill Pitts, Ph.D.
Stuart Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
Eric C. Rust, Ph.D.
Anne-Marie Schultz, Ph.D., Director of BIC
Martha Lou Scott, Ed.D., Associate Vice President for Student Life
Tyler Smith, Ph.D.
Lynn W. Tatum, Ph.D.
Andrew Telep, M.A.
Sarah W. Walden, Ph.D.
Robin Wallace, Ph.D.
Xin Wang, Ed.D.
Jason A. Whitlark, Ph.D.
Lenore Wright, Ph.D.
Davide Zori, Ph.D.


Les Ballard, Ph.D.
Al Beck, Ph.D.
Tom Conry, Ph.D.
Ramona Curtis, M.A.
Derek Dodson, Ph.D.
Randall Fowler, M.A.
Kevin Funderburk, Ph.D.
Emily K. Glass, Ph.D.
Timothy Heckenlively, Ph.D.
Jesse Hoover, Ph.D.
Steven Jug, Ph.D.
Regina Mastin
Jonathan P. Miles, Ph.D.
John Moist, M.A. Grad Student
Tracy Allison Pinney, M.A., Ph.D. Candidate
Christopher Richmann, Ph.D.
Tiffani Riggers-Piehl, Ph.D.
Sarah Dorrell Ritter, MSW
Nathan Roberts, M.A.
Mike Whitenton, Ph.D.
Henry Wright, J.D.
Colleen Zori, Ph.D.