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Where do you want to sit in McLane Stadium?

The 2015 Baylor Football season is officially underway! We have been hard at work to ensure a smooth transition into the second season at McLane Stadium.

2015 Baylor Football Season Ticket and Baylor Bear Foundation Renewal Process

On Thursday, February 5, all 2014 football season ticket holders were granted access to their 2015 football season ticket invoice online through their Baylor Athletic Ticket Online Account. The Ticket Office provided communication via email outlining access information. At that time, any 2014 season ticket holders were able to renew their season tickets or indicate their decision not to renew. In addition, Bear Foundation members were exclusively given the option to request participation in a relocation process schedule for June (detailed further below).

The information on the following pages will outline not only Bear Foundation membership benefits for the upcoming 2015-16 academic year, but many of our processes as we go into a second season at McLane Stadium in 2015.

Those renewing that wish to request additional to seats will need to CLICK HERE to join the waiting 2016 list.

2015 McLane Stadium Seating

All 2014 football season ticket holders received an email on Thursday, Feb. 5 from the Athletic Ticket Office with instructions on how to log into their ticket account. Renewals and the 2015 waiting list closed on April 1, 2015. Bear Foundation members who renewed 2015 football season tickets had their 2014-15 pledge contribution automatically rolled over for the 2015-16 membership year. Beginning with the 2015-16 membership year, rollover BBF pledges tied to football/basketball seats will require full payment or a payment plan established by May 31, 2015. A new online payment system, DonorNet, is available by CLICKING HERE.

The seat selection schedule for McLane Stadium for fans who requested new, upgrades and/or additional seats is as follows:
  • May 29: An email and post card with account information, assigned selection date and time based on your rank, and the how-to process to select seats will be sent to all BBF members who requested seats for the 2015 football season. You should expect your post card in the mail with information in early June.
  • June 12: 3-D seating selection system will be available online.
  • June 18 - June 26: McLane Stadium seat selection for eligible 2015 new football season ticket holders who are BBF members, members wanting to upgrade seat locations, and members who requested to add seats. There will not be a physical location to come to select seats during this time. All selections must be completed online by the account holder. (After tickets are selected, ticket holder must call the ticket office to make payment)
  • Mid-August: Season tickets mailed.

Loge and Club Seat Owners

Loge and Club seat owners did not need to renew their 2015 football season tickets in those respective areas. However, they must renew their 2015-2016 Bear Foundation membership to maintain their Loge and/or Club tickets. Bear Foundation members with Loge and Club season tickets were invoiced for their 2015-16 Bear Foundation membership in late February. An email from the Bear Foundation will be sent prompting payment for their membership as well as providing the opportunity to purchase away game tickets, including Texas Tech in Arlington. If a Loge or Club seat owner also has additional seats in McLane Stadium, they would have renewed those seats through the aforementioned process. The renewal did not contain any information on their Club or Loge seats. If any BBF balance remains for a member’s 2013-14 commitment or a method for payment for the current 2014-15 Bear Foundation year has not been established, the club or loge box ticket holder will not have the opportunity to renew their 2015 football season tickets until these prior commitments are met. No relocation process for Loge or Club area is schedule for 2015, because of the likelihood there will not be any attrition of seats in the sections.

Relocation Assignment Process

All current members requesting relocation of seats and additional seats were compiled and ranked based on their 2015-16 Bear Foundation ranking, as of April 1, 2015. These requests will be assigned a selection date and time in mid-June. Selection guides, including assigned dates, will be distributed in late May. Season ticket holders, who request to relocate, do not have to move if a preferred location is not available. As a default, they will maintain their original seats unless they choose otherwise. The relocation option is available to Bear Foundation members only.

Priority for the relocation/new seat selection process will be based on 2015-16 Bear Foundation rankings. Priority for purchase of new season tickets will be provided first to those on the waiting list wishing to purchase their first season tickets at McLane Stadium. Current season ticket holders will have the opportunity to upgrade their season ticket location based on BBF Priority ranking. However, if they are requesting to add additional tickets, they will be assigned a second time to purchase additional tickets (if inventory remains) at completion of those new ticket purchasers who are 2015-16 BBF members on the waiting list. CLICK HERE for the Where You Stand selection chart.

In June, those requesting relocation and/or new tickets, will be assigned a time to select seat locations using our online Ballena 3-D seating system used last summer. Please note that being assigned a time does not guarantee the opportunity to improve or purchase new/additional tickets.

*Based on demand, tickets will not be made available to those on the waiting list who did not join the Bear Foundation for the 2015-2016 season prior to April 1, 2015.

Relocation and Waiting List Selection Priority

Season ticket holders requesting participation in the seat relocation during the renewal process and those on the waiting list who join the BBF prior to April 1 are be ranked using the BBF Priority Ranking System. Seat selection time assignments will be sent on May 29 and selections will begin in June 18. Final ranking was determined on April 1. Seat locations for relocation will be limited based on the renewal rate of season tickets.

Additional Seats Selection Priority

2014 football season ticket holders were able to request additional tickets for the 2015 season by joining the waiting list by April 1, 2015. Because of limited seat availability, if requesting additional tickets for your account for friends or extended family members, it was recommended they join the waiting list to request seats in their name as well as establishing their own Bear Foundation membership. Those who established their own accounts were more likely to obtain tickets as opposed to adding tickets to an existing account. They may be given an opportunity to select seats, only after all those on the waiting list with BBF membership without season tickets are offered first. (Current season ticket holders wishing to add seats for the 2016 season must join the waiting list by CLICKING HERE)

The policy above was created to honor loyalty to our current Bear Foundation members by providing access to the best locations, while at the same time providing for those who do not have season tickets the chance to be a part of Baylor Football in 2015. Several opportunities were extended previously for current season ticket holders to increase tickets to their account. Exceptions were made for current season ticket holders in need of additional tickets in cases where their immediate household has expanded. Special circumstance requests must have been made by April 1, 2015 by calling the Bear Foundation at 254-710-2585.

The example listed below is in the order these requests would be assigned, based on availability, using the BBF Priority Ranking:

June 18, 4:15 p.m.
Kayla is a $3,000 BBF member, who had 4 tickets in 2014. She would like to improve the location of her tickets and purchase 2 additional. Kayla will receive the first priority in this sample group to improve her location of the first four tickets, but will have to wait to add additional seats till those BBF members requesting new season tickets have been accommodated.
June 19, 8:40 a.m.
Mark is a new 2015-16 BBF member at the $1,500 level requesting 3 new seats on the waiting list.
June 22, 10:14 a.m.
Denise is a $400 BBF member, had 2 season tickets in 2014. When she renews, she wants to relocate these tickets for the 2015 season, hoping for a better location. She receives priority over Sam who is at the same giving level because of her BBF history providing her more points.
June 25, 3:00 p.m.
Kayla (listed above), now that the waiting list individuals with BBF memberships have all been accommodated will be able to purchase her 2 additional tickets.
June 26, 4:40 p.m.
Cliff is a $200 BBF member, who had 2 tickets in 2014. He requested 2 additional tickets on the waiting list. He was assigned a selection time, but there may not be seats available to select at his selection time. We still encourage him to log in during his selection time, as those ranked higher in the process might not select seats and this could allow for tickets to be available.

Please note: Brown Bear level members and below who requested to add a ticket(s) to their account may not be able to select seats in this process. These members will be sent a selection time and information, but likely there will not be seats to select and selection will conclude during Group 22 at the Brown Bear ($400) level. We still encourage these members to log on during their selection time, as those ranked higher in the process might not select seats and this could allow for tickets to be available to Groups 22-24. Again, CLICK HERE to see where you likely stand for 2015 football season tickets.