Baylor Bear Foundation


Action Steps

Join the Baylor Bear Foundation

  • Renewals: Please contact the Baylor Bear Foundation to get the necessary donation to maintain all current season tickets held or your donation given in 2015-16.
  • Auto Renewals: BBF members who select tickets during the April BBF Selection Process will be automatically renewed for their 2015-16 membership level at the same 2014-15 membership level. If a member selects seat options that exceed their 2014-15 membership level, the 2015-16 membership level auto-renewals will be adjusted to reflect this increase. Basketball seat options owned in 2014-15 will be used for this calculation. The Bear Foundation will contact all members for payment options as Foundation memberships are established. If a Bear Foundation member selects non-premium seats or selects seats that do not meet his/her Bear Foundation Membership total, he/she must still maintain their 2015-16 membership level as long as they wish to retain the seats they are selecting using that ranking to earn that status.
  • New Members: An outline of benefits can be found here.

Purchase Season Tickets

  • Bear Foundation members wishing to purchase season tickets in 2015 who did not have tickets in 2014 will be limited to a maximum of 4 seats. If unsold tickets remain, a current season ticket holder will be limited to adding 2 additional new seats. Accounts with 10 or more season tickets will not be able to purchase additional season tickets under that respective account.
  • The full season ticket allotment is expected to sell out for McLane Stadium in 2015, with little attrition expected. A waiting list has been established for the 2015 new football season selection. Names will be added to a waiting list until April 1 for those wishing to add a request for season tickets. Please click here to join the waiting list.

Additional ways to support...

Campaign Gift Phase

Please follow and your Baylor Bear Foundation email for comprehensive information on premium seat opportunities in McLane Stadium's Bear Heights Club via the Campaign Gift Phase. Seats selected in the Campaign Gift Phase will have priority in location selection.