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McLane Stadium Seating Plan

The 2014 Transition

As we transition from Floyd Casey Stadium to the new McLane Stadium in 2014, the Athletic Department is working hard to effectively communicate our seating plans to you, our most loyal fans. Premium seating at McLane Stadium will be handled in two stages, the Campaign Phase and the McLane Stadium Seating Plan. Campaign Phase seats are limited to McLane Stadium's suites, loge boxes and Bear Heights club seats. The Campaign Phase, which supports the stadium project's capital expenses with a "Campaign Gift" that will accompany the purchase of premium seats in McLane Stadium's suites, loges and Bear Heights Club seats, was complete in December 2013. In addition to annual BBF commitments, seats selected in the Campaign Phase also carry a one-time, fully tax-deductible donation with minimum levels for each respective area.

McLane Stadium Seating Plan

The remaining approximately 7,500 premium seats, including any Bear Heights Club seats not selected during the Campaign Phase, will be made available via the Bear Foundation Priority Ranking System established by 2013-14 Bear Foundation membership levels. All premium seats selected through the McLane Stadium Seating Plan will carry Bear Foundation annual seat option requirements but will not include an additional "Campaign Gift." Starting on April 10, 2014, BBF members who have requested premium seats in the new stadium will participate in the 2014 McLane Stadium Seating Plan. Full details on teh seating plan will be communicated to these members.

Additional Policies/Procedures

2013-14 BBF members purchasing season tickets in 2013 will have the opportunity to select the same number of season tickets in 2014 during their McLane Stadium Seating Plan selection time. Season ticket limits will be established by total 2013 tickets owned (regardless if they are premium or non-premium seats).

  • Example: Donor Bobby Bear owns 2 premium seats in 2013 but wants to purchase 4 in 2014. Bobby needs to purchase 2 additional tickets (either premium or non-premium) in 2013. With this, he would then be able to purchase 4 premium tickets in 2014 (in any available stadium location).

The McLane Stadium Seating Plan will occur with the support of Ballena software, successfully utilized recently by numerous other Bowl Championship Series institutions including TCU, Virginia and Kansas State. This technology will allow our donors the opportunity to watch the selection process in real time. Those requesting tickets will be given the option to select their seats online, in person at the Ferrell Center with the assistance of a Bear Foundation representative or over the phone.

Ballena has developed an interactive 3D map that will allow virtual views of McLane Stadium from all seating locations. You can view the virtual McLane Stadium by go to

Those BBF members who chose to participate in the McLane Stadium Seating Plan will automatically renew their 2013-14 BBF membership amount for 2014-15. As consistent with current BBF policy, membership levels used to establish reseating Priority Rankings must be maintained at a minimum to continue to receive the tickets selected during the process. Membership levels can always be increased to cover additional seat options or at the Members discretion, but levels may not be decreased unless the Member elects to forfeit their premium seat location.

PARKING & TAILGATING: Location details on parking & tailgating lots are still being developed, however, there will be approximately 2,500 paved on-site parking spots at the new stadium (which is equal or greater to that at Floyd Casey). Additionally, reserved parking lots will be located along University Parks Drive as a benefit for Bear Foundation Members. Parking & Tailgating benefits at McLane Stadium will be based on 2014-15 Bear Foundation giving levels.