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Where You Stand

2016-17 In-Progress Membership Data

This chart breaks down the number of requested football season tickets by membership level and gives you an indication of where you may rank when selection times are assigned this June. Bear Foundation members had until April 1, 2016 to lock in the giving level that will be used to determine priority for stadium seat relocation and new seat selections. Those on the 2016 Wait List who have not joined the Bear Foundation by April 1, will not be offered the opportunity to purchase season tickets.

1,285 season tickets are available for the seat selection/relocation process in June as of 4/10/16. (Please note this may include singles.)

500 modified ticket packages, good for this season only, are available. A modified ticket package includes a ticket for 5 games in the stands & 1 seat on berm for TCU game. These packages will not be renewable in future years. (More information about this option to come.)

where you stand 3-14-16

*Based on high renewal rates, we will have very limited inventory, if any, to meet requests for those wishing to add seats to their existing allotment.

Please note: Additional ticket requests on the 2016 Wait List are non-Bear Foundation members. Those who do not join by April 1, 2016 will not be offered the opportunity to purchase season tickets.

Final rankings include membership increases and cash-in-the-door prior to the April 1, 2016 lock-in date.

Seat selection times are based on Bear Foundation priority. To learn more about the priority ranking system, click here.