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Where You Stand

2015-16 In-Progress Membership Data

This chart breaks down the number of football season tickets by membership level and gives you an indication of where you rank when seating locations are assigned. Adjustments to 2015-16 Bear Foundation membership levels will be open till April 1, 2015 at which time rankings will be locked in for stadium seat relocation and new seat selections. The 2015-16 Bear Foundation Where You Stand chart will be updated weekly starting March 1 until the lock-in date on April 1, 2015.

where you stand 5-19-15

*Final rankings include membership increases and cash-in-the-door prior to the April 1, 2015 lock-in date.

Please note: Brown Bear level members and below who requested to add a ticket(s) to their account may not be able to select seats in this process, based on the information in the chart. These members will be sent a selection time and information, but it is possible there will not be seats to select and selection will conclude during Group 22 at the Brown Bear level. We still encourage these members to log on during their selection time in June, as those ranked higher in the process may choose not to select seats and this could allow for tickets to be available to Groups 22-24. Again, the chart above shows where you likely stand for selecting seats for the 2015 football season.

The Baylor Bear Foundation Priority Ranking System

Your giving level in the Bear Foundation and points accumulated through cash giving to Athletics since 1997 are used to determine your ranking. Your giving level is the first priority then your points are used to rank you within your membership level. The information provided will help you understand how the priority ranking system works.

First Priority: GIVING LEVEL Second Priority: POINTS
Championship Club $30,000+ 5 points given for every $100 cash gift to the BBF in the 2015-16 membership year.
ADC - Big 12 $15,000 - $29,999
ADC - Big 12 $12,000 - $14,999 3 points given for every $100 cash gift to an athletic endowment in the current membership year.
ADC - Bear Claw $9,000 - $11,999
Black Bear $7,000 - $8,999 2 points given for every $100 cash gift to an individual sport, capital or special project to Baylor athletics in the current membership year.

1 point for every $100 cash gift that you have given to Baylor University athletics cumulatively in previous years since 1997.
Golden Grizzly $5,000 - $6,999
Bear Backer $3,000 - $4,999
Gold Bear $1,500 - $2,999
Green Bear $750 - $1,499
Brown Bear $400 - $749
Kodiak $200 - $399
Young Alumni & Members Below $200