Baylor Bear Foundation


Seat Selection Policies

Selection Overview

The Bear Foundation selection period will begin on April 10, 2014. BBF members wishing to select their season tickets for the 2014 inaugural season at McLane Stadium will have the option to select online via the Ballena 3D website, in person at the BBF office or may instruct a BBF staff member to select on their behalf. In late March, you will receive the seat selection brochure with instructions on how to communicate your selection. Selection of seats during the BBF priority period will automatically renew the donors 2014-15 BBF membership at their 2013-14 level. In addition, when selecting seats, you will be required to pay for your 2014 season tickets cost in full or initiate a payment plan. Individuals whose BBF membership are not paid in full for the 2013-14 year by July 1, 2014, will not be mailed their 2014 season tickets until the account is made current.

Seat Option Minimums

Seat option prices are outlined within this brochure. A reminder that a BBF donation that meets or exceeds the seat option total for your desired seat location does not guarantee a seat in that respective area (i.e. a Donor wishing to purchase 2 seats in the Championship Section (106) would have a seat option minimum of $2,000, however, with only 480 seats being available, it is likely those seats will be exhausted during the selection process by BBF members at the Athletic Director Club ($9,000) and higher level). Availability of premium seats is based on priority ranking.

Ticket Limits

All Bear Foundation members will be entitled to choose during their assigned selection time the same number of season tickets as they possess in 2013 at Floyd Casey Stadium. If a member wishes to purchase additional tickets, they will need to click here to join the waiting list. The full season ticket allotment for McLane Stadium has sold out at this time. A waiting list has been established for the 2014 new football season selection. Names will be added to a waiting list until June 1 for those wishing to add a request for season tickets.

Premium and Priority Seating

A Bear Foundation Premium Seat is defined as a seat inside McLane Stadium with a seat option associated to it. The season ticket holder must have a Bear Foundation membership that is equal to or exceeds their seat option total created via these PREMIUM season tickets in McLane Stadium or the Ferrell Center. A Bear Foundation Priority Seat is defined as any seat that is selected via the Bear Foundation Priority Selection process. Regardless if the seat is a Premium Seat (having a seat option) or a non-premium, due to the season ticket holder receiving priority selection because of their BBF donation in 2013-14, they must maintain at a minimum their 13-14 Bear Foundation giving level to ensure the ability to renew their respective seats in future years. The member will have received the opportunity to select their seats because of the priority they earned through the 13-14 Bear Foundation membership, thus the requirement to maintain that donation level in subsequent years.

In either case, if a membership level is lowered or dropped the season ticket holder is subject to reassignment of their seats based on the upgrade process in the respective year in which their membership is lowered/dropped.

Forfeited Priority Selection

If a BBF member entitled to selection in the BBF priority period elects not to select tickets available to them during their assigned time, they may choose the right to forfeit their selection window and select in the non-BBF selection period, thus removing any future BBF contribution requirements in subsequent years.

Benefit Changes

Parking benefits will be provided for all members at the $750 level and above. Priority on parking, tailgate and boat slips access will be based on Bear Foundation levels.

Due to limited space availability, there will NOT be a pre-game area similar to the Bear Zone or the Galloway Suites for the 2014 season. We are actively working to secure space in the proposed Events Center located directly next to the stadium to create a similar hospitality area for our membership for the future seasons.

Seat options for the Ferrell Center and all other benefits are expected to remain the same for the 2014-15 BBF membership year.