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When people say that the women of Baylor Round Table are a very special "sisterhood," they are right! I have been a member of this sisterhood for over 10 years, making friendships that I know will endure for a lifetime! We are a community of connections, and we are 108 years young-still connecting to each other, to Baylor University, to Waco, to Texas, and to the world. With our theme this year of "Soaring to New Heights: Connecting Through Communication, Education, and Service," we are still learning to appreciate one another as women by embracing knowledge and exploring new and shared ideas and interests. Leadership development, intellectual growth, cultural understanding, creation of incentives and resources in support of student scholarships, cultivation of friendships, and helping other members to be all they can be, continue as our goals. We embrace the traditions of our "Beloved Seven" founders, rich in Christian heritage, just as we continue to create new traditions to meet the changing needs of the Baylor and Waco communities we serve. Plus, we continue to be inspired by the intellectual, social, and cultural connections made from women interacting with other women. This year will be jam-packed with opportunities to connect Baylor women in fellowship as we explore and learn about ourselves and the world around us via dynamic lectures that will remind us of our past and introduce us to our future, thought-provoking book reviews that will enlighten and challenge us, enchanting musical and theatrical performances that will inspire us, luncheon and dinner gatherings that will teach us more about each other and encourage us to reach out to others, and many other engaging opportunities for sharing in the varied interests of our membership. We will step back in time with a tour of the Bill and Vara Daniel Historic Village and learn about soaring in space with SpaceX; we will be enraptured by hearing the Chamber Singers perform in the Foyer of Meditation at Armstrong Browning Library and we will share in the jubilant celebration of San Jacinto Day; we will hear about the many nations and their cultures that our international students bring to our campus and we will applaud unique and vibrant clothing styles created by our fashion design students; we will share in the accomplishments of strong Texas women and we will witness heartfelt smiles when the next student receives our scholarship as a step on her educational journey! As members, your creative ideas, distinctive attributes, and special interests, stretching across a vast array of professions and departments, are the building blocks for these exciting programs as well as for our organization's future success. You are all unique; you are all Baylor Round Table!

Reach out...get involved...join hands...share your ideas...explore new someone be all she can be...learn communities...make new friendships that endure...soar to new heights...

...connecting with Baylor Round Table is connecting for a lifetime!!!!

All the best always,

Paulette Edwards, President, Baylor Round Table 2012-2013

Baylor Round Table Newcomer's Brunch

August 18, 2012

Mayborn Museum

A rainy Saturday morning did not dampen the fellowship at this year's Newcomers Brunch! The Baylor spirit shone bright at the Mayborn Museum as 17 Newcomers attended the Brunch with 19 officers and committee members. While the event was held at 10:00-11:30am, several Newcomers stayed until 12:30pm enthusiastically visiting with members.

Madelyn Jones and Joyce Packard co-chaired the committee and oversaw the program for the day. Madelyn welcomed the group and invited Round Table chaplain, Jaylie Beckenhauer, to deliver the invocation. Paulette Edwards, current Baylor Round Table President, provided a brief history of our organization and introduced officers for this year. The Newcomers introduced themselves and provided a little background information such as from where they moved and their association to Baylor. Alice Starr and Lois Ferguson enticed our Newcomers to join with a preview of this year's Round Table programs, while Jill Joos encouraged their participation in the Round Table Interest Groups and Sandy Bennett explained how they could join our organization.

The break between each segment brought great anticipation as Joyce Packard and Denyse Rodgers drew Newcomer names for door prizes provided by the Waco Symphony, Mayborn Museum, Waco Historic Association, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, Dr. Pepper Museum, Cameron Park Zoo, Baylor Athletics, and Armstrong-Browning Library. Each Newcomer received a door prize, and all attendees anxiously awaited their name to be called for the three grand prizes: a Christmas wreath created and donated by Dr. Robert Packard, a Baylor Round Table cookbook and the recently released book, Year of the Bear.

We had a fabulous time of fellowship with these Newcomers and look forward to their involvement in Baylor Round Table this year!

Newcomers 2012-2013 (1)
Newcomers 2012-2013 (2)
Newcomers 2012-2013 (3)
Newcomers 2012-2013 (4)


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What a beautiful day was October 4 to step back in time and observe the many offerings of the Governor Bill and Vara Daniel Historical Village. The weather was perfect, the grounds were lovely, and the Village artifacts made everyone present take pause and reflect on childhood memories and/or multi-generational stories passed down through families. A large turnout of Round Table members was warmly welcomed by Ellie Caston and her talented staff, and the tour through the renovated facilities was uplifting and inspiring as we listened to the recorded voices of our ancestors and swapped tales of general stores and herb gardens and pumped water and horse-drawn carriages. There was plentiful time for fellowship following the tour, with wonderful refreshments and more shared stories. Plus, the attendees unanimously endorsed the revisions to the Round Table by-laws that the By-Laws Committee, under the leadership of Martha Lou Scott, had carefully and comprehensively prepared. It was a really good day of connections with our past and with our present, and I was so proud that so many could experience this very unique event. I can't express appreciation enough to Program Co-Chairs Alice Starr and Lois Ferguson for coming up with such a terrific idea, to Event Co-Chairs Carol Nowlin and Lanna Palmer for the beautiful job they did in organizing the tour and reception, to Ellie Caston for hosting the event at Mayborn Museum, to the Mayborn staff who made history come alive as we walked about the grounds of the Village, and to the many ladies of Round Table who shared their memories throughout the afternoon. These are the connections that last for a lifetime!

The momentum is still soaring as we look ahead to our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner honoring Baylor's International Students to be held on November 6 in the Traveling Exhibit Room at Mayborn Museum. Please join us as we recognize students from over 70 nations and learn about a multitude of cultures through their eyes. If you haven't yet signed up to attend and be a table host, please let me strongly encourage your participation. My husband, Buddy, and I served as hosts last year and it was the most rewarding experience ever as we listened to the students speak about their countries and we answered questions about our Thanksgiving traditions. Please don't miss this amazing opportunity to connect with our students in this special way ... make a memory to hold in your hearts forever! Contact Corrie Logan or Nancy McKinney-YOU ARE NEEDED!

Then look ahead to December 4 when you can hear the Baylor Chamber Singers lift their voices high within the inspirational walls of the Foyer of Medication at Armstrong Browning Library, and then rekindle old friendships and initiate new ones as you join together with our membership in a luncheon provided by the talented ladies of Round Table. And you won't want to miss the opportunity to bid on one of the exciting baskets in the silent auction that supports our scholarship.

Don't miss out on a single minute ... stay involved and continue to soar with us!

Paulette Edwards, President, Baylor Round Table 2012-2013


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I can't imagine a more moving reflection of our mission for global connectedness than that experienced by those who participated in Round Table's annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 6. Deciding to hold the event for the first time at Mayborn Museum was an outstanding choice, as that venue provided the perfect ambience of worlds past, present, and future, while at the same time lending a cozy warmth to the dining area. Knowing that there were students from over 70 countries represented, as their respective flags unfurled along the walls, caused every attendee to take pause and reflect on how the Baylor nation connects throughout the world. As I told our international student attendees, "Although we honor you tonight, your presence together in this room also honors us!" Serving as a table host at the Thanksgiving Dinner is also one of the most rewarding of experiences ™ at our table alone, we had 6 countries represented, and listening to the stories of their countries and cultures along with their impressions of ours was truly inspirational. When asked what they missed most about their homelands, the answers were unanimous, "food from home and my mom's cooking"! We had a wonderful turnout of members, the meal was delicious, and the fellowship was plentiful, with the highlight of the evening being Judge Ken Starr's heartwarming and informative presentation of the history of Thanksgiving. If you haven't had a chance to attend this special event in past years, I sincerely encourage you to do so in the future as it is one of the most uplifting events held on this campus. And I want to personally thank our co-chairs Corrie Logan and Nancy McKinney for their superb leadership; the creative committee of Mary Ann Jordan, Rachel Moore, Sandra Northern, Patricia Pack, Melanie Smith, and Kay Wellbaum; and Ellie Caston for helping us host the event at Mayborn ™ my hardiest applause for organizing a truly beautiful occasion for all that connected us to the world!

We are now looking ahead to another inspirational event as the voices of the Baylor Chamber Singers soar to the heavens during our Christmas Program on December 4. Listening to their melodic voices reverberate within the walls of the Foyer of Meditation at Armstrong Browning Library will be an experience not to be missed! Please bring a guest for this special time of rekindling old friendships and making new ones as you join together for a special luncheon in Cox Reception Hall following the program, with delicious foods provided by our members for your enjoyment. And you definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to bid on one of the unique baskets in the silent auction that supports our student scholarship. [I have attached to the newsletter a note I received from Dannie Dinh (Senior Environmental Studies major from Houston, Texas), who is our current scholarship recipient, so that each of you can hear about the lifelong impact this award can have on the educational futures of our students.] For more information about this event, please contact co-chairs Carol Schuetz or Kay Mueller.

And make plans now to soar out of the ballpark as we welcome Kellie Fischer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with the Texas Rangers baseball organization on January 17. Mark your calendars for this very special opportunity and contact co-chairs Debra Burleson or Anne Grinols for more details.

Don't miss out on a single minute ™ stay involved and continue to connect through Baylor Round Table! To help you do so, we have begun a calendar of events on the Round Table Website which will give you but a mere sampling of activities available through Round Table, Baylor, and the Waco area communities ™ a huge thanks to Jennifer Borderud for her assistance ™ check out our ever enhanced Website, it's a beautiful resource!

Paulette Edwards, President, Baylor Round Table 2012-2013

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Christmas Luncheon Wrap-Up

The Baylor Round Table Christmas program and luncheon was a success. Thanks to the wonderful weather, we had a great turnout. Being held on a non-class day also helped us as many who would have been in class were able to attend.

Each year, we are treated to an amazing performance by the Chamber Singers and this year was no different. Baylor is blessed to have such talented students and to have the leadership of faculty like Dr. Raines. Thank you again, Baylor Chamber Singers, for leading us in celebrating the Christmas season.

The luncheon provided us with a chance to enjoy wonderful food and the company of our fellow Round Table members. Thank you to all the gracious ladies who brought food for our luncheon. Everything was delicious and, as usual, we had plenty.

The committee will be providing input for changes for next year's program and luncheon.

Kay Mueller and I wish to thank all of our committee members. Thank you for your time and service in making this a successful event this year.

Carol Schuetz


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One of the highlights of our year has become the Christmas celebration in Armstrong Browning Library. As we all face the hustle, bustle stress of the holidays, it is so fulfilling to pause and listen as the heavenly voices of the Baylor Chamber Singers remind us of the importance of slowing down and reflecting on the many blessings of the true meaning of Christmas. And if you have never heard the Chamber Singers perform in the McLean Foyer of Meditation, it is a moment like no other to uplift and inspire. This year didn't disappoint on December 4 when the capacity crowd became hushed to hear the choir's melodic voices "soar in celebration of the season." The luncheon that followed was a heart-warming time to visit with long-time friends and make new ones among our members and guests. Ladies, the food was absolutely delicious and the desserts vanished as soon as the plates were passed around the room! And it's always a delight to see what beautiful floral arrangements Martha Ervin has created for ABL and us. I want to personally thank our co-chairs Kay Mueller and Carol Schuetz for their outstanding leadership; the hard-working committee of Cyndie Burgess, Linda Cates, Martha Ervin, Sally Firmin, Nancy Harrison, Carolyn Hulme, Kathy Hutchison, Paula Lea, Ann May, Julibeth Parrish, and Allison Yanos; and the staff of Armstrong Browning for helping us host such a special event.

January 17 kept the momentum going when Kellie Fischer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Texas Rangers baseball organization captivated a full audience of Round Table members, their guests, and additional faculty, staff, and students in Kayser Auditorium of the Hankamer School of Business. Her behind-the-scenes look into the world of major league baseball, especially as a woman in a primarily male administration, was insightful and eye-opening. Plus, her interviewing tips for our students who are getting ready to enter the job market will be extremely beneficial to them in the months that follow. At the beginning of this year, I stressed the importance of making connections within the Baylor and Waco communities and of sharing Round Table with those who are not aware of the positive impact we are having. Let me just say that I was extremely proud of our co-chairs Debra Burleson and Anne Grinols, their dynamic committee of Courtney Dale and Courtney Pahmiyer, and Program Coordinators Alice Starr and Lois Ferguson for taking a giant leap forward in finding new ways to achieve these goals by opening this event beyond our membership and their guests. Looking out across a sea of faces that included male faculty and staff, as well male and female students, all of whom were completely engaged in Kellie's presentation, was truly an electric connection that "knocked it out of the ball park!" And a special thank you to Dean Terry Maness for working with our committee in bringing Kellie to campus.

We are looking forward to another inspirational event as Lauren Dreyer, Director of Business Affairs at SpaceX, arrives on February 21 to enlighten us as to how Baylor and Waco connect to space exploration. Please make plans now to share in this informative experience at the North Village Community Center from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Note that we will also be voting on your officers for 2013-14, and your ballot matters to the future of Round Table. For more information about this event, please contact co-chairs Lois Ferguson or Carliss Hyde.

And I already understand that our Anniversary Celebration on March 27, with First Lady Alice Starr moderating a panel of "strong Texas women," will be another milestone in Round Table programming. In addition to installing our new officers in March, there will also be a tribute read by Joyce Packard for former Round Table President Lorene Davidson, who recently passed away. For more information on this event, please contact co-chairs Eileen Bentsen, Andrea Dixon, or Marilyn Eichelberger.

Thank you to all of our committees for your energy, your momentum, and your love of Baylor Round Table! This is one year I highly encourage our membership not to miss a single activity™stay involved and continue to connect! By the way, we have begun our Spring calendar of events on the Round Table Website that will give you a sampling of activities available through Round Table, Baylor, and the Waco area communities™if you have an event for posting, please send it to Jennifer Borderud and to me™a huge thanks once again to Jennifer for her assistance. I hope to see all of you on February 21!

Paulette Edwards, President, Baylor Round Table 2012-2013

"Soaring On" Recap

Approximately 125 students, faculty, and Round Table members attended the presentation "Soaring On" by Kellie Fischer, exec VP and CFO for the Texas Rangers organization, on January 17, 2013. It was held in Kayser Auditorium in the Hankamer Building of the Baylor Business School. Dean Maness was able to greet her following the event.

She was an excellent speaker, and delivered her relevant, informative, and entertaining message very effectively. Major points were the importance of communication, business and personal ethics, and mentoring. She topped this off with some interview hints for the students present. I took notes and reviewed them with my Management Communication class of MBAs and MAcc students since they were unable to attend. Students who attended were very responsive as well. The event was immediately followed by a Dr Pepper and cookies reception.

Committee: Debra Burleson, Anne Grinols, Courtney Dale

Pictured below: Dean Terry Maness and Speaker Kellie Fischer, CFO Texas Rangers and the 2011 American League Championship Series ring.

Kellie Fischer
Kellie Fischer 2


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Each time I think a Round Table event can't soar any higher in its achievements, along comes another diligent and determined committee, setting their sights ever higher! I personally applaud the panel of "Strong Texas Women" [The Honorable Jennifer Elrod, Federal Judge and current Baylor Regent; Dina Dwyer-Owens, CEO, The Waco Dwyer Group, who was featured on "Undercover Boss" in 2012; and Roxanne Wilson, speaker and media personality who was runner-up on "The Apprentice"] who completely engaged the capacity crowd with their humorous stories about their relationships to Baylor and the business world, their faith-based goals and ambitions [standing firm and being ready], their beliefs in the importance of cultivating friendships, and their reflections on the major impacts in their lives and careers. Monitored by First Lady Alice Starr, this panel, both informative and inspirational, touched the hearts and lives of everyone in the room in a magical way, reminding us that we are all "strong Texas women" in our own way. And as I reminded our attendees, it is the strength of each and every member that has kept Baylor Round Table moving forward for 109 years; and it is with pride that I wish our organization a very Happy Birthday! I want to personally thank co-chairs Eileen Bentsen, Andrea Dixon and Marilyn Eichelberger, along with their committee members Suzanne Alcorn, Linda Cates, Liz Palacios, Diana Ramey, Carol Schuetz, Donell Teaff, Judy Schmeltekopf, and Suzy Weems for another successful event for Baylor Round Table!

On April 24, the celebration will continue with San Jacinto Day! Please mark your calendars and plan to join us at Allbritton House at 5:00 p.m. to enjoy a full fajita buffet as we celebrate the history and music of Texas. In addition, Round Table members and their guests are invited to participate in a Guacamole and Salsa Contest, with proceeds going to the Round Table Scholarship Fund; votes will be cast by attendees. For additional information, please contact co-chairs Sandy Bennett or Julie Covington. Reservations are needed by April 17, so please sign up today!

And from what I have learned by the planning committee, co-chaired by Marsha Duckworth and Jan Holmes, the May 7 Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show (12:00 noon, Barfield Drawing Room) is going to be spectacular, with a focus on our Baylor fashion design students and apparel by Collage-this will be another event not to be missed!

Thank you again to all of our committees this year for your "Texas strength," your attention to detail, and your love of Baylor Round Table! And I applaud all of our members for staying involved and continuing to connect! Don't forget to check out the updated Spring calendar of events on the Round Table Website that will give you a sampling of activities available through Round Table, Baylor, and the Waco area communities™if you have an event for posting, please send it to Jennifer Borderud and to me™; and a huge thanks once again to Jennifer for her assistance. I hope to see all of you on April 24 and once again, Happy Birthday Baylor Round Table!

Paulette Edwards, President, Baylor Round Table 2012-2013