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2013-2014 Committee Chairs

Chaplain Committee: Martha Lou Scott, Chair
Title: Director of Finance and Business Operations
Dept: Student Life - Student Life

Anniversary Committee: TBA

Budget Committee: Christine Wilkins, Chair (Kenneth Wilkins)
Title: Divisional Dean for Sciences, Interim Chair for Family Consumer Sciences & Professor of Biology
Dept: Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office - Arts&Sciences

Christmas Committee: Carol Schuetz, Chair
Title: Associate Librarian
Dept: University Libraries - Liaison Services - Technology/Libraries
Committee Members: Cynthia Burgess , Linda Cates, Naomi Elzinga, Martha Ervin, Sally Firmin, Nancy Harrison, Kathy Hutchison, Ann May, Barbara Santos, Allison Yanos

Hostess Committee: Sabina Solouki, Chair
Title: Financial Manager
Dept: Honors College - Honors College
Committee Member: Anna Shufford

International Dinner Committee: Corrie Logan, Chair (Timothy Logan)
Title: Associate Vice President for Electronic Library
Dept: University Libraries-Electronic Library - Technology/Libraries

Membership Committee: Diana Ramey, Chair
Title: Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
Dept: Enrollment Management - Fin&Adm

Newcomers Committee: Misty Thornton, Chair
Title: Admissions and Membership Coordinator
Dept: Mayborn Museum Complex - Acad Affairs

Program Committee: Lois Ferguson, Chair
Title: Manager of Commencement and Faculties Planning
Dept: Academic Affairs Provost - Acad Affairs

Public Relations Committee: Sandy Bennett, Chair
Title: Assistant Director, Online Teaching and Learning Services
Dept: University Libraries- Electronic Library, Client Services - Technology/Libraries
Title: Lecturer Part-Time
Dept: Information Systems - HSBusiness

Committee Members: Lorin Matthews, Deb McMahon

Scholarship Committee: Judy Maggard, Chair
Title: Director, Baylor Parent Programs
Dept: Vice President for Constituent Engagement - Constituent Engagement

Style Show Committee: Andrea Dixon, Chair
Title: Associate Professor & Director of the Keller Center & Center for Professional Selling
Dept: Marketing - HSBusiness
Committee Members: Sharon Achor, Shelly Adams, Dorynda Brock, Melissa Brown, Judy Carpenter, Julie Covington, Carroll Crowson, Debbie Davendonis-Todd, Suzanne Ginsburg, Royce Goforth, Anne Grinols, Adrienne Hare, Jeanette Jean, Deborah Korpi, Liliia Kudelia, Sandra Lene', Corrie Logan, Nancy McKinney, Carol Nowlin, Julia Parrish, Rita Patteson, Anna Shuford, Misty Thornton, Rebecca Tucker Nall

Interest Group Coordinator: Allison Yanos, Chair
Title: Assistant Librarian
Dept: University Libraries - Delivery Services - Technology/Libraries