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2014-2015 Committee Chairs

Chaplain Committee: Martha Lou Scott, Chair
Title: Director of Finance and Business Operations
Dept: Student Life - Student Life

Corresponding Secretary Committee: Debra Burleson, Chair
Title: Senior Lecturer
Dept: Information Systems - Hankamer School of Business

Anniversary Committee: Tami Nutt, Chair
Title: Manager, Learning and Development
Dept: Human Resources - Fin&Adm

Budget Committee: Christine Wilkins, Chair (Kenneth Wilkins)
Spouse of Kenneth Wilkins: Divisional Dean for Sciences
Dept: Arts & Sciences Dean's Office - Arts & Sciences

Christmas Committee: Carol Schuetz, Chair
Title: Associate Librarian
Dept: University Libraries - Liaison Services - Technology/Libraries
Committee Members:

Hostess Committee: Rose Youngblood, Chair
Title: Director of Development
Dept: University Development - UDevelopment
Committee Member:

International Dinner Committee: Corrie Logan, Chair
Spouse of Timothy Logan: Associate Vice President for Electronic Library
Dept: University Libraries-Electronic Library - Technology/Libraries

Membership Committee: Diana Ramey, Chair
Title: Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
Dept: Enrollment Management - Fin&Adm

Newcomers Committee: Sandra Northern, Chair
Title: Director of Finance and Business Operations
Dept:Student Life - Student Life

Program Committee: Berkley Knas, Chair
Title: Director of Law Alumni Relations
Dept: Law School - Law

Public Relations Committee: Sandy Bennett, Chair
Title: Assistant Director, Online Teaching and Learning Services
Dept: University Libraries- Electronic Library, Client Services - Technology/Libraries
Title: Lecturer Part-Time
Dept: Information Systems - HSBusiness
Committee Members: Lorin Matthews, Deb McMahon

Scholarship Committee: Judy Schmeltekopf, Chair
Spouse of Donald Schmeltekopf: Dir, Ctr Ministry Effectiveness & Educ Leadership/Provost Emeritus
Dept: Ctr for Ministry Effectiveness & Educ Leadership - Acad Affairs

Style Show Committee: Sandra Lene, Chair
Title: Associate Vice President, Operations and Financial Services
Dept: University Development - UDevelopment

Interest Group Coordinator: Allison Yanos, Chair
Title: Assistant Librarian
Dept: University Libraries - Delivery Services - Technology/Libraries