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Baylor Round Table is an organization consisting of female faculty or staff, female spouses or widows of faculty or staff, or female visiting faculty or female spouses of visiting faculty. Since 1904, Baylor Round Table has been a stable force in the Baylor community as we have provided annual scholarships to Baylor students. The purpose is to promote the social and cultural life of Baylor University. Monthly meetings are held September-May and smaller interest groups also meet throughout the year. Each year the Baylor Round Table donates a scholarship to a deserving Baylor student.

Our theme for 2015-2016 will be Building Connections for a Better Baylor

Building Connections for a Better Baylor… Join as we work together to enhance community building through social, cultural, and service opportunities. We will share our varied interests and attend special lectures and presentations while enjoying Baylor’s rich Christian heritage and traditions of giving back to the community and to our students through scholarship.

The Baylor Round Table Scholarship, awarded annually, provides an opportunity to make a difference in a Baylor student’s educational experience and future. Our contributions to this fund, which can be made as tributes, memorials, and/or special gifts, are an investment in Baylor’s future, because our students are our future.

Baylor Round Table…Join today, connect for a lifetime!

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The 2014-15 Scholarship Committee would like to introduce you to Baylor Round Table’s new voluntary Annual Gift Societies, honoring members who see the value in supporting Baylor students through gifts to the Baylor Round Table Endowed Scholarship:

1904 Anniversary Circle - To commemorate the year Baylor Round Table was organized, recognizing individuals whose gifts total $50-$99 in a single calendar year

Presidents Circle - To commemorate all past, present, and future presidents of Round Table, recognizing individuals whose gifts total $100-$249 in a single calendar year [will receive a pin of recognition]

McCall Founders Circle - To commemorate former Baylor First Lady Mary McCall under whose leadership the Baylor Round Table Scholarship was founded in 1977, recognizing individuals whose gifts total $250 or more in a single calendar year [will receive a medallion of recognition]

The Baylor Round Table Endowed Scholarship Fund has already supported more than 30 need-based scholarships for junior and senior students maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA, but we can do so much more. Join us today in supporting future Baylor University students by making your gift online at: [click on home page top-right box for scholarship giving].

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." Joel A. Barker, Author and Lecturer


Round Table 2014-2015 Scholarship Recipient

Paulette Edwards, chair of the Scholarship Committee, is pleased to announce the selection of Rachael Larson, a junior from Ft. Worth, Texas to receive the Baylor Round Table Scholarship for 2014-2015.

Round Table Interest Groups

Interest groups are a vital part of Round Table. These groups provide opportunities for women across all parts of the Baylor family to meet on a regular basis in a common interest. These gatherings are where you get to know each other in a more intimate setting. Some of these groups meet monthly, and others meet occasionally during the year, and some are just a one-time event. (read more about this year's interest groups here)

  • Listen to Living Stories with Mary McCall and Mary Sendón

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