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Project Sponsor Spotlight

2012 i5 Presentation Feedback

Chinney Group, Hong Kong

“We found the i5 program to be both innovative and practical. By putting students in front of China based assignments, the participants get real world experience and companies get help with a pressing issue. In our case, we were grateful for the efforts of a team that worked on two of our new products: Pivot3 and 3VR. At that time, Chinney was in the process of bringing these products to market and needed help in formulating a comprehensive marketing strategy. We asked the team to help us identify all of our key market sectors and then suggest a cohesive plan to prioritize our approach. The Baylor team did a deep dive into the IT industry in China. They then presented a substantive report that both positioned our products within important market segments using a differentiated analysis and also proposed prioritization criteria for engaging these segments. The ideas were well packaged and intelligently elaborated.

We were more than satisfied with the value delivered and would recommend the program without hesitation.”

James Wong, Jr.

Executive Director

Chinney Group, Hong Kong

The Marco Company

The Marco Company experienced what it expected - acquiring intense focus on dedicated research and analysis for new products - yet it was the unanticipated result that is still providing long term benefits.

"We're constantly searching for great hires, self starters who can wear a bunch of hats. But we'd never found one on the ground in China - an American with inside knowledge of our overseas operations and a handle on working with our Chinese employees."

Nickell found that manager in his first i5 Team leader, Bryan Gregory, a Baylor MBA student.

"We're becoming a global company and here was a guy who was proving himself as having global competence. And he was embedded in our Shanghai office for a summer. Who gets all that in a new hire!"

Craig Nickell


The Marco Company

Dow Corning Corporation

“The i5 partnering has provided Dow Corning with valuable market research while providing students a peek at the real life commercialization challenges facing global businesses. The collaborations have allowed Dow Corning to simultaneously reach out to the educational community and economically produce timely, relevant market research.”

Doug Wernicke

Global Product Line Manager

Dow Corning Corporation