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How to Apply

Required materials can be brought to: Hankamer Business School 317

or mailed to:
i5 in China Program
Hankamer School of Business
One Bear Place #98006
Waco, TX 76798-8006

Questions? Call Bradley Norris at 254-710-6182 or Marlene Reed at 254-710-4868

i5 in China Program

Applications for the i5 in China program are completed online.  Click on the Apply Now button on this page to go directly to the i5 in China page on Bearsabroad. 

There are 2 tracks through the i5 Program:

  • Main Program: For all Undergraduate students with a GPA>=3.0. Dates are June 2 - Aug 10, 2014
  • Internship Plus Main Program: For MBA, Engineering Masters, Law Students and promising mature Undergraduates. Dates are June 2 - Aug 10, 2014

All Students:

Personal Information

Complete the application - be sure to complete all of the questions asked as thoroughly as possible.   Make sure that you hit "SUBMIT" when you have completed the application.   It is especially important for us to have accurate addresses and telephone numbers, and to know the dates that you will be available at each.

Travel Information:

Passport - You will need a valid passport.   If you have a passport, check the expiration date, it MUST be at least six months AFTER your date of travel.   If you do not have a passport, apply for one IMMEDIATELY.   Processing a passport can take six weeks or even more.

In addition, you will need a Chinese visa, which will require a processing fee and your passport. If you have an approved application, and have turned in two passport photos and your passport to the i5 program office, we will include you in the group submission in March.

If you do not have your photos and passport to us in time, you will need to process  and pay for your own Chinese visa.

Passport Photos - We must have 2 color passport photos of you, in order to process your Visa for China.  Passport photos can be taken at Walgreens or Walmart.  

Baylor University Release Form
- The standard student release form, provided by Baylor University's Office of General Counsel, will be provided to all accepted participants during the spring 2014 semester.

Medical Information - This form will also be provided by Baylor University's Office of General Counsel to all accepted participants during the spring 2014 semester.

Internship Positions:

To be considered for the Internship/Project Manager position, you must demonstrate leadership capability and experience through:

Personal Statement This question helps determine your selection for team leader and the amount of the intern discount you will receive.  Be as honest and specific as you can.

Recommendations - Two recommendations are required. One should be completed by someone who knows your academic work, such as a dean or professor. The second should be completed by someone who has been your supervisor in either a paid or volunteer job. Recommendations may be sent online through BearsAbroad, follow the instructions in the Recommendations Section.   Those you ask for recommendations can submit their forms online, or mail them.  You are responsible for being certain the recommendations are completed and have been received by us. Check BearsAbroad to see when they are checked as received.   

- An unofficial copy of your latest transcript is required.  This can be uploaded to BearsAbroad or mailed to the above address.

Resume A copy of your latest resume is required.  This can be uploaded to BearsAbroad or mailed.    


i5 has several scholarships available:

All students may complete the i5 Scholarship Application to apply for:

  1. The Willis Scholarship - available for Engineering students
  2. The Ellisor Scholarship - available for Business students
  3. IP Law Scholarship - available for Law students

Click for the i5 Scholarship Application 2014

Baylor also offers the Glennis McCrary Goodrich International Scholarship program, which will help about 15 students to participate in study-abroad programs during each academic year. Recipients are selected competitively, based on financial need, academic merit, and other considerations, and the maximum award for a summer program is $3,000. For more information and access to online application and reference forms, visit the Goodrich scholarship page.

Graduate Students selected as team leaders will receive between $2000 - $6000 towards their program fees, based on their Personal Statement and interview with faculty. Click here for more details.

Undergraduate Students:  When all of your application materials have been received by the Baylor i5 Study Abroad Program, you will be notified of the decision on your application within approximately two weeks. If you are accepted, we will proceed with referrals, and you will be sent additional materials to help you prepare for the program.

Graduate Students:  Applications for the intern/team leader positions will be reviewed as a group and interviews will be scheduled in mid February.