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Parents Corner

i5 in China is one of 70 Baylor-sponsored Study Abroad programs that runs during the Summer 2 term and offers 6 hours credit in a related field of study.

If you have any question related to the China trip, please call the Program Director, Marlene Reed at 254-710-4868.

LAST UPDATED September 2013

Flight Plans

Students will be responsible for booking their own overseas flights.  Students must match their arriving time to the given itinerary as closely as possible. Please realize that if flights are late, they will need to get themselves to the hotel or arrange to meet the group. We will make sure they know how to do this (getting through passport control and customs, getting a taxi, giving the driver the address for the hotel), in the event that we are not able to meet them.  Students are encouraged to talk with others who are going and arrange to fly together if possible.

Do I need to apply for my own Visa to China?

No. We will apply for tourist visas to China as a group in April. The only thing students need to prepare is a valid passport, one whose expiration date is at least 6 months after the dates of travel, or February 2015, and two color passport photos.

Normal and Emergency Contacts

Students should install Skype on their laptops and have their family do so as well. This is a “voice over IP “ application that allows free communication through internet connection.   Most of the places we stay have wifi, so we recommend Skype for communicating with family and friends.    Students are issued cell phones by the program and they will be given a Hong Kong and China number that they can share with family.   Students are required to keep their cell phones on, charged with power and minutes, and carry it with them at all times during the program.

Printable Emergency Contact Information


While in Hong Kong and China, students may wear shorts and t-shirts. However, please make sure that your clothing is sensitive to the culture. Make sure shorts/skirts are not too short (nothing shorter than 3" above the knee), t-shirts should not have any writing/pictures that could be offensive, no sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or spaghetti straps. Try to avoid bringing too much denim or any other heavy clothing. The July weather in China is very hot and humid.

Should I pack a suit for the final presentation?

You will need to bring a business suit, but many like to have one tailored in Hong Kong or Shanghai. If you do this early in the trip, your suit will be ready for the final presentation. Although a tailored suit from Hong Kong or Shanghai will be cheaper than one purchased in the U.S., it will still be $150 or higher, depending on the selected fabric, etc. .  At a minimum, nice pants and a blazer (this works for both males and females, although females could opt for a skirt).  


If you are carrying a prescription medication, it is required to be in the original bottle. You must bring a copy of the doctor’s prescription in case you need to get it refilled or explain it to any authorities. Non-prescription drugs are fine to bring as long as they are in the original bottles.

What should I carry?

The map and directions for our hotels, credit card or ATM, and your ISOS insurance card. For identification, all you need is your passport and it would be nice if your credit card had your photo on it (but that is not required). Some places offer student discounts, so your Baylor ID might be useful in those circumstances. You will not need your drivers license.


Students should carry an ATM card. ATM's are easily accessible and allows students to exchange their money to Yuan. Travelers Checks are not necessary-just for backup. Very little cash is necessary, though an initial amount of $100-$200 would be sufficient. Student should carry enough cash so that if needed, they can exchange it at the airport in order to take a cab to the hotel. Students can also take credit or debit cards. If debit/credit cards are going to be taken, students need to contact the card companies to verify that no charges will be applied to purchase out of the country and to make sure that transactions will not be denied.  The program provides money for meals once we are in-country.


There will be laundry services available at each location.


Pack light!  Students should be able to easily carry their luggage a long distance. Remember, students can do laundry at the hotels and dorms.

What size suitcase should I bring?

We recommend one bag, either a regular suitcase or a duffel bag on wheels that is larger than a carry-on, but still easily handled.  You can buy an inexpensive bag to bring back extras and gifts.

Should you pack toiletries or other small items?

Students should buy most items when they arrive in China. These types of items are inexpensive and not packing them will help reduce the amount of luggage.

Do I need a Chinese-English pocket dictionary?

This is optional, but can be helpful.

Should I bring business cards?

This is a great idea, but not a requirement (you can easily print your own, and your Chinese colleagues will appreciate getting the information).

Should I bring gifts for my Chinese teammates?

This is also a great idea, but make sure they are small ($1-$2). You might want to pick up some Texas souvenirs and have them on hand to give your project teammates. Be sensitive however, your colleagues will be honor-bound to return the favor, and for some students, that might be a significant financial burden.

Do I need to bring enough money for food?

Part of the fee included in the program was to cover food. The meals will already be arranged for you. However, if you feel you might want to eat something other than the food arranged or if you want snacks, then bring extra money for food.