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Program Focus

The i5 in China program is our flagship program for technology commercialization.  It combines the disciplines of Business, Engineering, and Intellectual Property Law with a proven process, creating a powerful technology commercialization accelerator.  This accelerator multiplies your efforts by training your team, using your own project, with our industry-experienced consultants and coaches using students from top-tier schools such as Baylor University, USST, Petra Christian University, and the University of Nottingham, Ningbo.

Leveraging outside resources--Don’t lose focus on your current business projects
Many companies have identified a list of emerging technological innovations. However, with the limited company resources, this may distract from the business at hand. By engaging a project team from i5, you can continue to focus on managing your company, while a team of advanced business, engineering and law students and industry experts put their efforts and skills toward your next new venture.

Global perspective--Get quality results from experts and MBAs
You get the benefit of a project team comprised of students and experts from both the U. S. and China. At the end of the program, you will have concrete results from your project team that will enable you to make decisive judgments about whether to take your innovative idea to market or to avoid the risk of a losing venture.

Enter overseas markets--Launch a new venture in overseas markets
During the last 6 years, the i5 program has leveraged our expertise and resources to assist both U.S. and Chinese companies identify opportunities for commercialization in overseas markets.

Technical Expertise--Developing new technologies into new ventures
The SuperCoach TM course teaches students and company participants the full range of skills and tools needed to assess, validate and launch a new technology-based venture.

Raising funds--Tell your business story to investors
We invite investors to attend the final presentation to give the teams and the companies professional feedback. This networking opportunity can be beneficial even if you are not immediately seeking investment.

Provide benefits to students from the U. S. and China
Working on a project for your company, students will develop science and technology insight, business savvy and global cultural competence within the high-immersion environment. In past years, many sponsors found a good fit from the student interns and hired them as employees.