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Holiday Tips

Holidays are a great time for festivities and relaxation from academic life. Unfortunately, criminals use the holidays as a time to prey upon unsuspecting victims. The Baylor Police would like to provide you with some simple tips:

Close and secure all windows and doors. An unlocked window or door is an open invitation for a thief. Ensure that you have checked your residence thoroughly before you leave. The same rules apply to your vehicle parked on or off campus.

If your are working on campus during a holiday, please make sure all inner office areas are closed and locked. Do not fall victim to the practice of propping open doors when working after hours. If you will be working late hours, let a family member or friend know where you are working and how long you anticipate being there.

All personal valuables should be either taken home or securely locked away. The adage "Out of sight, out of mind." really rings true. If leaving your vehicle behind, make sure you remove any valuables from your car. Leaving items in the open will increase the odds of attracting a burglar.

Report all suspicious activity immediately to the Baylor Police @ ext. 2222, or (254) 710-2222. If you are not near a phone, use one of the emergency call boxes located throughout the campus.

The Baylor Police Department wishes you a happy holiday and trusts you will enjoy the holiday and return to us safe and sound.