We Won! Thank you Baylor Nation

Way to go Baylor Nation!

For the second year in a row, Baylor University took the lead on the last day of the Baylor vs. TCU Young Alumni Challenge after a close race. 1,011 Baylor young alumni participated, giving nearly $39,000 in support of areas across Baylor's campus, from scholarships to academic departments to student activities and missions. (303 young alumni made gifts to the university for the first time!)

"Baylor young alumni have proudly demonstrated that they believe in the Baylor mission and care for the next generation of students by participating in this year's Young Alumni Challenge. Though many of these young men and women are just beginning their career journeys, they have chosen to support the university by giving back financially. It is with a full heart that I congratulate them on a valiant effort and applaud their selfless generosity."
- Ken Starr, Baylor President and Chancellor

The fundraising competition ended on Oct. 8 after two weeks of head-to-head competition. Plans are underway for future young alumni challenges. To stay in the loop, update your information here.