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On its side facing Founders' Mall, Pat Neff Hall proclaims, "The preservers of history are as heroic as its makers." The Baptist Studies Center for Research will use the resources of the present to preserve the past the history of Baptist tradition of more than 400 years and in so doing contribute to the future of this powerful arm of the church of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of the Center is to make an impact on the future shape of the global community of Baptists by attending to the Baptist story and to make an impact on the future of Baylor University by preserving and enhancing the Baptist story as part of the University's work.

The Center is in the Department of Religion where Baptist historians are already at work and where its administrative support is housed. The goal of the BSCR is to relate to other units on Baylor's campus such as the George W. Truett Theological Seminary, the J. M. Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies, the Institute for Oral History, the Institute for Studies in Religion, and the Baylor University Libraries.

Current/Future Plans for the BSCR