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Keith Hewson
Keith Hewson

A 2002 graduate, Keith Hewson had always dreamed of being an airline pilot. He came to Baylor for one reason: the Aviation Science program.

While a student in the program, his favorite classes were any that then-Assistant Director Monty Suffern taught. Keith's favorite memory of Baylor, though, is meeting is future wife.

Immediately after graduating, Keith took a job fueling and towing airplanes at the West Houston Airport. There he gained valuable experience as a "line rat", learning more about General Aviation and the ground side of aviation operations. When the opportunity arose, he began flight instructing at a Part 61 school. Keith built up his hours flying all kinds of aircraft including Extra 300's and a variety of Mooneys.

Two years later, Keith finally became a line pilot, flying Saab 340's with Mesaba. Ten months later he moved to Chautauqua Airlines, and after another two years went on to captain ERJ 145's. Eventually Keith started flying for his current employer, Atlas Airlines, as a first officer in the Boeing 767. He flies around the world hauling everything from iPod's to elephants.

Keith is the proud father of two boisterous boys, and when he's not flying, you'll find him spending time with his family, traveling the world with his wife, or in the mission field with his church.

If you'd like to contact Keith to find out more or ask any questions about a professional aviation career, you are encouraged to e-mail him at