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Lindsey Hurley

Lindsey Hurley, a Freshman from Spring, TX, has always felt at home in the sky. Born in Rochester, NY Lindsey would fly to and from Texas multiple times a year. In the 6th grade she would catch the urge to fly when she found out that she could solo at the age of 16.

Looking forward Lindsey searched for a college major that would suit her passion for aviation. She narrowed the choices between Baylor,where her siblings were currently attending,and the University of North Dakota. "Baylor has been my dream school since the first time I walked on campus visiting my brother his Freshman year". Unfortunately Lindsey had overheard that Baylor no longer had an aviation program, and she committed to UND. As luck would have it she received a phone call from a Baylor student clarifying that the Aviation Department was alive and well since 1991. Elated that she didn't have to brave the cold of North Dakota she found her place at her dream school.

"Now I am here having the time of my life, working on my instrument rating and loving every minute of it!! I found my place here at BU, and I'll bleed green and gold the rest of my life no matter where the aviation industry takes me!!"