Secondary Major in Aviation Sciences

Important Information for Secondary Major Students!
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Secondary Major in Aviation Sciences

Baylor Institute for Air Science offers a new Secondary Major in Aviation Sciences. Secondary Majors are for students who wish to supplement their baccalaureate degree with a rich intellectual experience in a second field of specializations outside of that primary program. This program is offered in conjunction with the Texas State Technical College (TSTC) at Waco and requires Baylor students to apply to TSTC.

Requirements for a Secondary Major in Aviation Sciences (33 Hours total):

I. Nine credit hours of required TSTC courses:

  • AIRP 1215 - Private Pilot Flight
  • AIRP 1301 - Air Navigation
  • AIRP 1417 - Private Pilot Ground School

II. Fifteen credit hours of required Aviation Science courses:

  • AVS 1300 - Introduction to Aviation
  • AVS 3310 - Aviation Law
  • AVS 3311 - Aircraft Accident Investigation & Prevention
  • AVS 3315 - Aviation Meteorology
  • AVS 4310 - Aviation Management

III. Nine Aviation Science advanced elective hours chosen from the following:

  • AVS 3320 - Aviation Operations
  • AVS 3350 - Introduction to Space Weather
  • AVS 4305 - Special Topics in Aviation
  • AVS 4314 - Advanced Aircraft Systems
  • AVS 4315 - Aerodynamics
  • AVS 4318 - Avionics Systems Design
  • AVS 4386 - Remote Sensing
  • AVS 4485 - Geographical Information Systems

How to declare a Secondary Major in Aviation Sciences

If you want to declare a Secondary Major in Aviation Sciences, go to and follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Student Resources" in left-hand margin.
  2. Under Major & Minors, click on "Change/Declare Major or Minor"
  3. Fill out and submit the Data Form.

If you have fewer than 30 credit hours, you will need to visit the College of Arts and Sciences advising offices downstairs in the Sid Richardson basement.