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Jordyn Tolefree

Jordyn is currently a Senior from Lawrence, Kansas. As a transfer student she is enjoying her second year at Baylor while working towards her instrument rating.

Jordyn applied and was accepted to Baylor out of high school, but decided to attend Butler County Community College in Wichita, KS to play basketball. After two years of soul searching she decided to make Baylor her home. "I decided to come to Baylor as a Biology/Pre-Dental student. During my first semester at Baylor I heard, through career counseling, about Baylor's aviation program"

"I had always wanted to fly airplanes. I remember my grandmother called me for my twelfth birthday and I had told her that I wanted to be different. I loved airplanes and she had given me a calendar with a different type of aircraft for each day with explanations about them, and I absolutely loved it"

"I had always thought I needed to persue a career in medicine of some sort following my familiy tradition. I thought that was where I fit. Absolutely not! With the support of my loving family I have been able to find my own niche and have loved every minute of it! The Baylor Aviation Science Program has become my home away from home"

Jordyn aspires to become a corporate pilot as well as an EMS helicopter pilot.