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Evaluation Form
Form to be completed after Aviation Science students have completed their internship. Your input will only help us improve the Aviation Science Program.

An internship is designed to assist students in taking maximum advantage of the educational potential and personal development opportunities found in an internship experience during the student's senior year. The internship provides a framework for students to be introspective about their personal growth objectives, their strengths and weaknesses in an organizational context, and their desire for future career direction. The company and industry analysis sections of the course also provide an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from courses already completed in the Aviation Sciences program.

The primary outcome objective of the internship is for students to systematically evaluate themselves and the organization in which they work to determine: "if offered a career employment with this organization upon graduation, would I accept? Why or why not?"

Aviation Science students have an opportunity to complete an internship with an established aviation company or firm. Each internship must be approved by a faculty advisor. Standard internships run during a summer semester of 6-12 weeks or throughout a fall or spring semester of 12-16 weeks. An internship position should be secured prior to the end of the spring semester of the junior or senior year of the students fulfilling experiences during the summer.


Prior to enrolling in the Aviation Internship course, students must have completed,
  • AIRP 2250 Instrument Flight,
  • AIRP 1451 Instrument Ground School, and
  • AVS 3311 Aviation Safety
The student:
  • Must compile a resume and cover letter prior to seeking an internship
  • Must seek and acquire an internship position with the approval of the faculty supervisor
  • Submit the Internship Application Form
  • Must be under the supervision of a professional in the aviation or space industry
  • Will work a minimum of 50 hours in an approved operation to earn 3 credit hours.
  • Is responsible for all lessons and reporting to the faculty advisor during the internship experience
  • Is provided with an internship packet prior to the field experience.
Upon completion of the internship, the student will provide facutly and peers with a summary of his/her experiences. Powerpoint presentations with photos of their work experience are required.