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Admissions & Costs
How to Apply?

A free online application can easily be submitted utilizing the goBaylor page located here. Through goBaylor a student can create and track the status of their application.

The normal Baylor application process is all that is required to be considered for acceptance into the Aviation Science program. Because flight training is an integral part of the degree, flight training cost and FAA medical requirements should both be considered.

Once accepted at Baylor, students will then need to complete an online application to Texas State Technical College (TSTC). TSTC provides the FAA Part 141 ground school and is also the program's primary flight training provider. More information can be found at the TSTC website.

Tuition and Fees

Current information on Baylor's tuition and fees can be found here. In addition to Baylor tuition and fees, you will also need to plan for the costs of flight training. A four year plan outlining all required courses and approximate costs can be found here.
A four year plan outlining costs for out of state students can be found here.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

See our Scholarships & Financial Aid page for information about opportunities to help pay for your education.

Flight Training Costs

It is important to note that student's who wish to incorporate their flight training fees in their financial aid processing may only do so if they complete their flight training at TSTC. Choosing other flight training providers requires the student to pay the chosen provider directly. You should inquire with each provider regarding alternative loans or financial programs specifically designed for flight training.