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Barry Rowe

Barry Rowe, a native of the Houston area, grew up with an interest in space and aviation, admitting "I have always wanted to fly".

Originally an undeclared major, Barry went through a year of "loving Baylor, but hating classes". When he found the Aviation Sciences program though, he started loving classes too. "When you love something, it's not work anymore, it's just fun," said Rowe of the transformation.

Barry completed his Private Pilot training at TSTC, then moved on to finish the rest of his flight training with Aurora Aviation in nearby McGregor, TX. He would eventually go on to become a flight instructor himself with Aurora before being called up for training with the Air Force Reserves.

During his time at Baylor, Barry most appreciated the experience of the staff: then-director Max Shauck's research with alternative aviation fuels and aerobatic experience, and current assistant director Tim Compton's experience as a Navy pilot. Tim's Advanced Systems class is unforgettable to Rowe, and he credits the class (in which students learn the systems of the ERJ 145 regional jet, culminating in a trip to Houston to experience a full-motion simulator) with being "the most practical" and preparing him for a professional aviation career. He credits his time with the Baylor Aviation Sciences program as being "eye-opening" and giving him a leg up on his future.

Graduating in 2009 after starting in the summer of 2005, Barry is now a Lieutenant in the Air Force Reserves, and part of the 343d Bomber Squadron based in Shreveport, LA. He will go on to fly the venerable B-52 Stratofortress after an intensive three years of training. Lieutenant Rowe is "excited to get going", and looks forward to piloting the "BUFF".