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Meagan Kesler
Meagan 1

I was born in Fort Wayne, IN and have moved all over the country due to my dad serving 28 years in the United States Navy and eventually found myself in Springtown, TX. I had always been fond of the military and loved growing up in a military family. My dad taught me from a young age that college was something to plan for. At the beginning of the high school career, my dad surprised me by giving me his Post 9/11 GI Bill so I could go to any college of my choice.

Throughout my life in Texas, I had found myself being drawn closer and closer to Baylor University. Most of my teachers in high school, including the current Superintendent, were Baylor alumni. They would constantly talk about how great their experiences were while attending Baylor. I found myself wondering what it would be like if I too were to attend Baylor. Baylor had everything I wanted; a beautiful campus, a Christian community, and great professors.

Aviation was the same way, the love for it snuck up on me. My dad had always been exposed to aviation as an ordnanceman who builds bombs for the military jets. He would always talk about the pilots on his ship and the events that happened on the flight deck that day and I would always be intrigued about what he was going to say next. Even some of my dads military friends said that they could see me being a fighter pilot but I never really took them seriously.

I didn't think that being a pilot was a possibility for me until the first time I went up in a Cessna. My friend/neighbor's dad is a pilot for Flexjet and he invited me along for a flight in his friend's Cessna. I remember it being the best feeling of my entire life. I felt an overwhelming sensation of joy and excitement. You never quite understand the feeling of being completely free until you fly a plane.

It felt like fate when I decided to declare Aviation as my major and Baylor University just so happened to have an Aviation Science program. Now I am finishing up my Freshman year and am currently working on my instrument rating. I also found my place in Flight Team and will be traveling with the team to Nationals in May. I absolutely love the aviation industry and I'm really happy that Baylor could help further me towards my aviation goals.