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Brett Sbrusch
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The beauty of the Baylor campus initially brought Brett Sbrusch to Waco from Needville, TX. He describes the most positive aspect of his Baylor experience as simply "homey."

"Baylor is small, laid back, you get to know everyone, and the staff is so knowledgeable," he says.


Sbrusch claims not to have a favorite professor but his favorite class thus far has been Aviation History. "It is so interesting to learn how far, technologically, we have come in the field of aviation."

His interest in aviation started as youngster when his family would fly for yearly vacations, and his fascination with the plane grew from there. And grow it did, because Sbrusch has received his private license and instrument rating, memories that he will never forget.

Sbrusch enjoys the small community of Waco, especially fine dining at his favorite restaurants Georges and Dubl-R Burgers.

Sbrusch would like to attend graduate school before continuing his career in aviation.