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Arnold Mutai
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Think about the best gift you have given your mother on Mother's Day. It probably did not involve her boarding a plane as you hopped into the cockpit and took off, flying her for the first time. For Georgetown senior, Arnold Mutai, it did. "It was the best reward I have had at Baylor," he says.

An Aviation Sciences major, Mutai chose to attend Baylor because of its proximity to home, small class sizes, and the Christian values instilled by the university. "Baylor is refreshing," he says, "I have made life-long relationships with others that I will stay in contact with."

Like other Aviation Science majors, Mutai agrees that the small class sizes makes you feel important and not like a number.

He would eventually like to fly for either the Air Force or Navy, retire early, and open up a flight school in his native country of Kenya.