Remaining “on track” throughout your education endeavor is key to completing your degree in a timely and efficient manner. Academic advising for all AVS majors is conducted by the Institute for Air Science and is mandatory for course enrollment.

The following tasks are to be completed prior to all advising sessions.

  1. Schedule a time to meet with your academic advisor by calling 254-710-3563 or scheduling an appointment online.
  2. Determine the courses that you need to complete by:
    • Printing and reviewing your "Degree Audit" via Bearweb, and
  3. Review prerequisite requirements for each course that you intend to register for.
  4. Bring the most recent version of your Pilot’s License to each advisement session.

It is your responsibility to plan and schedule your classes so that there is no conflict in times/days. It is the advisor’s responsibility to ensure that the courses that you are registering for do not cause logistical problems in subsequent semesters.

In addition to graduating on time, proper prior planning helps to ensure academic success.