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Meet our Faculty and Staff

Sid Rich

The Institute for Air Science prides itself on the interpersonal relationships it has, not just between the students but also with the faculty and staff. We are here to provide a great support system throughout your Baylor experience. Our students are our top priority!

Trey Cade
Director, Baylor Institute for Air Science
Assistant Research Professor, Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics, and Engineering Research

Tim Compton
Assistant Director, Baylor Institute for Air Science

Felix Chiota
Adjunct Lecturer

Aaron Dabney
Adjunct Lecturer

F. B. "Ben" Harvie, Jr.
Adjunct Lecturer

Russell Vanhoozer
Adjunct Lecturer

David Ruiz
Adjunct Lecturer

Joel Martinez
Adjunct Lecturer

Kelley Oliver
Office Manager and Project Coordinator