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Facts about the Ferrell Center

Ferrell Center

• Diameter of building is 321'.

• Playing floor to bottom of cupola is 111'. Cupola is approximately 8' tall.

• The dome weighs approximately 175 tons and is constructed of structural aluminum beams covered with anodized gold panels with 4" of vinyl faced insulation on the back (in) side on the panel. The dome is fastened together with Huck fasteners, which are manufactured in Waco. Temcor is the manufacturer of the roof. Click here for the Temcor web site.

• The surface area of aluminum panels is approximately 3 acres.

• Bottom of catwalk and grid is 65' above the playing floor.

• From the playing floor to the top row (Row No. 35) is 40' - 2 1/2".

• During erection, the dome was suspended by 32 cables on a 220' tall tower. The tower was stabilized during erection with 7 guy cables.

• The site is approximately 13.96 acres.

• 80425 square feet under one roof.

• Playing floor is 16,826 square feet.

• Truck ramp is designed to allow an 18-wheeler to drive onto the playing floor.

• The rigging grid over the end stage is designed to suspend up to 75,000 pounds for travelling shows, curtains, lights, sound, etc.

• Paved, on site parking for 2714 cars

• Seating is 10,225 for sports events, 6,500-8,500 for concerts and convocations.

• The concourse provides entry to seating bowl, playing floor, concessions, rest rooms, novelty stands, telephones, and first aid. The course is equiped with television monitors and and its own public address system.

• The sub-concourse houses BU men's and women's home locker rooms, visitors locker rooms, coaches dressing rooms, officials dressing rooms, rest rooms, strength and conditioning facility, training room, warming kitchen, conference center, press room, general storage, and main mechanical and electrical rooms.

• The Administrative building houses the building's administrative offices, ticket office, basketball, track & field, and athletic event management offices.

• Concrete poured to date 9650 cubic yards.Structural steel is approximately 500 tons.

• General description of construction: Drilled piers with concrete support beams for seating bowl. Slab on grade, slabs and structural pan deck slab (over sub-concourse). Precast concrete construction for seating bowl. Exterior facade is architectural precast with white concrete and 5/8" thick brickettes cast into the panels. The panels are attached to a steel structure.

• Aluminum and steel telescoping bleachers are installed in pockets along edge of playing floor for retractable floor seating.

• Lighting on arena floor is designed for high lighting for TV coverage, normal lighting for sports events, and low lighting for meetings and convocations.

• An elevator serves the concourse and event level.

• The seating bowl is cooled with 800 tons of air conditioning.

• The playing floor is approximately 6' above the water table and has an under slab drainage system as well as a complete perimeter french drain drainage system built into it.

• The site is bermed up around the building to an elevation above the 100 year flood plane level.

• The basketball court, installed during the summer of 2002, is a Connor brand wood floor and covers the entire arena surface.

Ferrell Center
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