Bear Run XCC Course Archive

Quick Facts
  • Bear Run Cross Country Course has been made available through a partnership with the Army Corp of Engineers.
  • Lake Waco is a man-made Lake that is over 7,000 acres, and includes over 60 miles of shoreline.
  • Lake Waco was created in 1923.
  • The average temperature in Waco is a pleasant 67.2 degrees.


One of the great aspects of the Bear Run Cross Country Course is that spectators will be allowed on top of the Lake Waco Dam, which overlooks the course. The height of the dam will allow you to see all of the course from one location, preventing the constant running around that's usually required of spectators at cross country races. We are very excited that our course has this unique feature and certainly encourage everyone to take advantage of it. We do recommend that you might wish to bring a pair of binoculars to help you see to the furthest points on the course.