Recruiting Considerations

It can be overwhelming when being recruited. Making a decision that will have an effect on the next four years of your life is not easy.

At Baylor University, we try to provide our prospective student athletes with information to make that decision easier. Below are some things you should consider and ask when looking at a program; especially regarding the quality of training you will receive at any institution you are visiting.

  1. Is there enough diversity on staff to handle the various personalities present on an athletic team, yet unified to achieve a common goal?
  2. Does the staff have access to the latest technology within their facility?
  3. Is the staff's only responsibility to be a athletic performance coach or do they have other obligations?
  4. Will you be exposed to a positive and educational environment so you can train and reach your athletic potential and be successful in athletics and life?
  5. Are the staff members certified by an accredited professional organization?
  6. Does the staff use sound scientific based research to train their athletes?
  7. Does the staff know how to teach and demonstrate the proper techniques in all the exercises and drills they will have you perform?
  8. Will your program be designed for the needs of your sport?
  9. Will your program be designed for your current training level?
  10. Will you receive constant supervision and feedback on your training?
  11. Is the weight room designed to allow safe and effective training?
  12. Does the staff schedule teams to train together to build team unity or are there open training times?