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Classroom Technology

Connecting to the Wireless Network - This page provides links to information on Baylor's wireless network and network status updates..

A Classroom Student Response System is available through Baylor's standardized agreement with Turning Technologies. Each adopting faculty member receives a radio frequency receiver, software, and response remote.

Presentation Classrooms are available throughout the College of Arts & Sciences. Custom instructions for each room are provided here. For maintenance, repair, assistance or training with these rooms, please contact Classroom Technology Services at extension 4694 or email the help desk.

Videoconferencing Services as well as assistance with satellite conferences (which may be videotaped) are provided by the Electronic Library. For assistance, call (extension 6662) or email Conner Krey.

Web Conferencing is available through the use of Baylor's new web conferencing tool, Elluminate Live.

Macs - Links on Mac security and image conversion for Power Point presentations may be found here.

Podcasting - This handout provides instructions on how to create podcasts and post them to Blackboard for student access. For additional information, please contact John Lowe.