Course Management

Bearspace provides 5 gigabytes of storage space per person to allow storage of documents, notes, graphics and homework, accessible from anywhere via the internet. It provides Baylor students, faculty and staff connected to the Internet a place to store, retrieve, and share files (text, graphics, etc.) through a network file storage system. It is also a place to publish your personal website.

Blackboard is a course management system that allows instructors to make course materials and resources readily available to students via the web and to engage students in online collaboration projects. All Baylor classes have a corresponding Blackboard course and students are automatically loaded into these courses prior to the beginning of each semester.

Classroll provides faculty with access to their class rosters in multiple formats - formatted for printing (with student photos for the faculty member of record), email address book (Outlook contacts file), and file for importing into MicroGrade or Excel.

Paw Prints is the 400 page print allowance print management system for students. The remaining print allowance balance does not roll over to the next semester.