Mac Security

Security practices for Macs are the same as for PCs. These steps include:

  1. Apply software and operating system patches.
  2. Be sure anti-virus software protection is installed and up to date.
  3. Operating system patches need to be updated on both operating systems when running both Mac and Windows platforms.
  4. Do not open unexpected attachments, even if the sender is known.
  5. Lock or shut down the computer when away from the desk.
  6. Never share account or system passwords

  7. For additional information regarding security, please see the ITS Security page.

Mac Backups using Tivoli
Baylor University utilizes Tivoli to backup faculty and staff computer workstations. Automatic backup of client computers are performed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tivoli provides for backups on demand as well.