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Mac Image Conversion for PowerPoint presentations

Determine which images don't show up in the presentation on the PC by viewing the PowerPoint presentation on both a Mac and PC.

If you are creating a new Power Point presentation, and you have many Quicktime images to convert, you can set "Folder Actions" on the Mac, and convert the images all at once.

1. Create a new folder on the desktop and name it. (Go to "File," and then "New Folder.")
2. Press "Control," and simultaneously click on the folder.
3. Choose "Enable Folder Actions." (You may have to "Disable Folder Actions" first)
4. Again press "Control," and simultaneously click on the folder.
5. This time, choose "Attach a folder Action."
6. When the "Choose a File" window opens, choose "Image duplicate as JPEG."
7. Open up the PowerPoint presentation.
8. Copy the image (Open up Preview by going to "Macintosh HD , Applications , Preview)
9. When you get into "Preview," go to "File , New from Clipboard."
10. Go to "File , Export," and choose the new folder you set up.
11. Two folders are set up inside the new folder. One will be for the original images, and the other will be for JPEG images (or whatever format you have chosen from "Choose a File").
12. Once all the images have been converted, you can replace them within the PowerPoint slide show.
13. If the images were animated, those animations will need to be re-created.

If you have a presentation with only a few images to convert, you can:

1. Determine which images need to be converted.
2. Open the PowerPoint presentation.
3. Click on the image.
4. Go to "Edit," and then "Copy."
5. Open "Macintosh HD , Applications , Preview."
6. Go to "File," and then to "New from clipboard."
7. Click "File," and then "Export." Export the image to the desktop.
8. Choose "Format: JPEG," or "Format: BMP."
9. Click "Save."
10. Replace the image in the presentation with the converted image which was exported to the desktop.

If these images had animations in the presentation, the animations will not be preserved. Those will need to be recreated.