History of the Revision Process

Seven-Year Process of Revising the College of Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum

Phase One (2012-2015)

Could the Core be improved? Should the Core be improved?


  1. 2012-13: A&SPIRE sub-committee (Beaty, Burleson, Clinton, Matthews) produces "Promoting Liberal Education through Core Curriculum"
  2. 2014: A&SPIRE approved by Council of Chairs with AODs to investigate Core
  3. Fall 2014: Dean Nordt met with 70 A&S faculty to discuss Core
  4. 2015: Co-chairs of A&S Curriculum Committee surveyed all departments to assess competencies in 4Cs
Result: 2015: Based on consensus that Core should be improved, Dean Nordt appointed a task force to write a Vision document for Core.

Phase Two (2015-2016)

What is the Core trying to achieve?


  1. 2015-16: Task force (Toten-Beard, Duke, Johnston, Martens, Matthews, McGlashan, Raines) worked for 13 months to produce a Vision Document.
  2. May 2016: Council of Chairs unanimously approved Core Curriculum Vision

Result: Building upon the University's General Education Outcomes, the Vision states that the "core curriculum, taught within a community of Christian scholars, enables men and women to acquire the knowledge, skills, and virtues needed to uncover and recognize truth, to deepen their faith, to live virtuously, to strengthen their communities, and to affect the world in transformative ways."

Phase Three (2016-2017)

What is the size and content of the Core?


  1. Based on the Vision's requirement to review the Core, Dean Nordt appointed a task force with representation from all 25 departments with undergraduate degrees to determine the appropriate size and content of core.


Phase Four (2017-2019)

How are changes to the Core to be implemented?