Task Force Membership and Charge

"The core curriculum for all degrees offered by the College of Arts & Sciences will be evaluated, when appropriate, at least once every 10 to 15 years by a committee of A&S faculty members apointed by the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. This review will evaluate the size and content of the core curriculum in light of this vision statement. Following this review, the committee will make recommendations for revisions of the core curriculum to the A&S Council of Chairs." Baylor University's College of Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum Vision Document, (p. 4).

Project manager, Blake Burleson, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Executive Members - 24 (voting members)

A. Scientific Method: Tamarah Adair (BIO), Steven Driese (GEO), Thomas McGrath (CHE), Dwight Russell (PHY), Charles Weaver (PSY/NSC)

B. Critical Reasoning: Michael Beaty (PHI), Jeanne Hill (STA), Brian Raines (MTH), Lisa Shaver (ENG)

C. Civic Engagement: Sara Alexander (ANT), Joseph Brown (PSC), Heidi Marcum (ENV SC), Alex McNair (MLC), Blair Browning (COM), Sara Stone (JOU)

D. Creativity: Stan Denman (THEA), Christopher Hansen (FDM), Mark Anderson (ART)

E. Christian Tradition: Julie deGraffenried (HIS), Carson Mencken (SOC), Doug Weaver (REL), Ken Jones (CLA)

F. Alumni representative - John Howard (A&S Board of Advocates)

G. Student representative - Kristin Koch (Statistics major, Math minor)

[Note: Each of the five subcommittees above (A-E) will elect a point person to serve on a steering committee that will assist the project manager in leading the review and recommendation process.]

Working Group Members - 15 (non-voting members)

Work Teams

Oversight & Integration

Blake Burleson; Burt Burleson, University Chaplain; David Clinton, Chair, University General Education Committee; Kim Kellison, Associate Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences; Wes Null, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education; Paul Martens, Chair, A&S Core Vision Taskforce; Anne-Marie Schultz, Director, BIC; Ken Wilkins, A&S Associate Dean, Sciences

Curriculum Development

Frieda Blackwell, Co-chair, A&S Curriculum Committee; Blake Burleson; Lana Conder, Director, A&S Degree Certification; Deanne Kramer, Director, CASA; Frank Mathis, Co-chair, A&S Curriculum Committee; Joyce Miller, Senior Director, Undergraduate Advising; Wes Null, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Analytics & Budget

Blake Burleson; Gary Carter, A&S Financial Manager; Viola Osborn, A&S Director of Information Analysis and Planning