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Benny Fountain grew up in Moscow, Idaho. He studied painting at Pacific Northwest College of Art (BFA) in Portland, OR, where, inspired by Hammershoi, Morandi, and Lopez Garcia, he began to make paintings of the quotidian. He went on to Tyler School of Art (MFA) spending a year in Philadelphia and a year in Rome.

Fountain taught in Portland for 5 years before joining the art faculty at Baylor in 2013. His current creative practice and teaching concentrate on how formalism creates meaning in representational art. Fountain is represented by the Froelick Gallery in Portland, OR, were he has had two solo exhibits.
MFA, Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) BFA, Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, OR)

Artist Statement

To paint from observation is to highly value appearances, to find oneself captured by them, enamored. What is the draw of appearances? Why do they exert such power?

As light waves traveling from the sun reflect off a cup, into one’s eyes, a person interprets these light sensations into “cup” through ones history of having held one, through memories of porcelain to lip. Without such past experiences, these retinal events would be bare sensation, detached visual phenomena without interpretation. Memory, however grabs hold of past experiences and infuses them into what is presently seen.

The act of seeing becomes (through memory) a unifying force that gathers together the separated fragments of isolated sensations, giving one a sense of rootedness and stability.

It is exactly this- seeing as binding force- that captivates my attention and makes me wish to paint. Each painting, then, is a struggle to create a metaphor for this experienced coherent world.

Curriculum Vitae

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