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FACULTY & STAFF: Mark Anderson, Chairman



Mark Anderson grew up on the high plains of western Nebraska and studied at Nebraska Western and the University of Nebraska. While at the University of Nebraska, he studied with Thomas Coleman and Ray George. After teaching public school, he studied printmaking at the University of Minnesota with Karl Bethke, Malcolm Myers, and Zigmunds Priede. Graduate studies in printmaking were with John Boyd, and David Bernard. His prints are in numerous private, public, and corporate collections, including The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and Ford Motor Company. He has exhibited nationally, and has been active as a visiting artist and juror.

MFA, Wichita State University
BFA, University of Nebraska

Artist Statement

The landscape has been a vehicle in my work for years. Recent work has metaphorically referenced in part, the phenomena of dementia, the loss of the horizon line, and the reality that life is never lived in a straight line.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Work

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