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Spring 2010

Melissa Miller
February 25, 2010, visiting Texas artist, Melissa Miller, arrived at the Department of Art and actively participated in the painting area with Karl Umlauf and students from all disciplines. She worked with students through critiques and also presented a public lecture.

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Fall 2009

Martin Museum Show


Amy Holmes George
November 5th, 2009, visiting artist Amy Holmes George (McKinney, TX) introduced advanced photography students to non-silver photography and demonstrated the ziatype process. Ms. George, a widely exhibited artist and educator, spoke about her most recent project, Double Vision - a View of Florence Past & Present, and she showed the students a selection of the palladium prints. She also shared examples of cyanotype, platinum, ziatype, van dyke brown and gum prints.

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Fall 2008

Jane Hammond
On October 8, 2008, 41 art students and 9 faculty and staff members "shared a ride" to Fort Worth to explore 3 great art museums, their permanent collections and special exhibitions: "The Impressionists: Master Paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago" at the Kimbell; "Sentimental Journey: The Art of Jacob Alfred Miller" at the Amon Carter; and the Kara Walker exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Good weather and good company made for a stimulating day. Ron Hood, a current photography student, took the pictures.
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