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FACULTY & STAFF: Karl Umlauf

Karl Umlauf, Professor of Art and Artist-in-Residence
Area: Painting and Drawing
o: FAC178, Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center–Lewis Art Building
p: 254.710.6392
e: Karl_Umlauf@baylor.edu


As a young art student, Karl Umlauf was motivated by several forms of subject matter. One was the structural geological forms of land. The other was the complexity of machinery and piping systems found in petroleum refineries and the spectacular environment of steel mills and salvage yards. This imagery was and continues to be his subject matter. He modifies and reinvents these sources, infusing them with personal creative expressions.

Karl Umlauf joined the Baylor Art Department faculty in 1989.

MFA, Cornell University
BFA, University of Texas at Austin
Summer School of Music and Art, Yale University, Norfolk, CT., 1960

Artist Statement

The multi-planographic sequences of surface imagery and color are used to create polarities, properties of tension, measured rhythms and surface energies, indicative of a visual form of physics. If the work appears to have an abstract yet unique personal identity and if it provides a distinct physical presence, then I have succeeded in establishing my visual signature.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Work

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