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Julia Hitchcock joined the Baylor Art Department faculty in 1999. She is a recipient of the Elizabeth T. Greenshields Award. She has exhibited in eleven solo exhibitions and 47 national and international exhibitions and has received nine national show awards.

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MFA, Arizona State University
BFA, Arizona State University

Artist Statement

Resisting visual gloss, I continue to make art with materials like paint, charcoal and chalk pastels, the usual stuff of "old art." Not to say that on occasion, I feel that the confinement of the two-dimensional format sends me searching for actual found objects to reconfigure. The sculptures and installations provide a set of visual metaphors that alter the context of a group of items and the often-discordant materials I have selected. Objects are modified, re-codified and forced into unusual juxtapositions, stripping them of their basic meaning and collectively creating schematized concepts and artificial arrangements that may be viewed, judged and manipulated for my own artistic and expressive purposes.

The emphasis on genetic (scientifically engineered) and/or human malfunction (random genetic mutation) resulting in physical and mental anomalies remains at the core of my images. This unfashionable and often grotesque aspect of human deformities provides a platform to access and probe the resultant physiological and psychological effects within the arena of social interaction and communication. In this observation of the common acts of negotiating life's most basic needs, I hope to draw attention to distinctions between social structures and scientific research and their cultural consequences–how they are engaged and mutually transformed.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Work

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jh_pw_ambulatory_boy_tn jh_pw_biomechanical_inc_tn jh_pw_boy_and_bone_tn jh_pw_boy_with_tool_tn jh_pw_crib_petri_dish_tn jh_pw_four_child_teeth_tn jh_pw_red_rover_red_rover_tn jh_pw_surrogate_tn jh_pw_two_with_teeth_tn jh_pw_were_sorry_tn