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Virginia Green joined the Baylor Art Department faculty in 2006 to teach Graphic Design, following an adjunct professorship at The University of Texas, Arlington. In addition to teaching, Green is the principal and creative director for VGreen Design, a freelance design and art studio, and she serves as acting education chair on the board of the Dallas chapter of the AIGA|the professional association of design. Her research interests focus on the influence of culture on typographic selection and perception in the areas of fine art, education and literacy.

MFA, University of North Texas
BFA, University of Texas at Arlington

Design Philosophy

A world without design is a lifeless, unimaginative, and dreary place. Design adds a dimension to my life that pours "joie de vivre" and vitality into communication. I have chosen the path of the graphic designer because it enables me to solve problems and breathe life into conceptual ideas that influence and impact the world around me.

Communication design has the powerful ability to impart knowledge and information in the decision-making process. The power that is yielded by design can impact individuals, groups, societies, and the world, moving them to make decisions based on the information presented to them. Powerful design has the potential to radically divide or unite individuals, groups or communities. As a designer, my task is to take what I have learned and apply this knowledge to a message for positive results.

My training and instinct for asking questions has led me to understand the answers necessary to convey a message. Good design is all about the message. Without a message there is no voice and with no voice there is nothing to be heard. Effective design assimilates and creates concepts that had not been previously connected. The task of the designer is to facilitate connections vital to the decision-making process in the global marketplace, where people are bombarded with information from television, the internet, and print.

Design involves ethical responsibility. As a designer, I have a moral obligation to every project set before me. My design decisions are based upon my spiritual beliefs and my responsibility to the betterment of society. The responsibilities that I have accepted not only will affect society, they can make impacts on a global scale.

I feel that as a designer, I am partially responsible for the result of my client's message. If a message promotes hatred or bigotry with impunity, I, too, bear the consequences of that message. Part of my professional philosophy is to provide pro bono services for clients who share my values, e.g., local churches, animal shelters, non-profit organizations. A benefit that I receive from donating my time is the knowledge that the client's voice can be heard by his/her chosen audience.

The results of my creative process may lead to an eventual impact on society. Design has the strength to communicate ideas, engage culture, sway minds. This power consistently has a great impact on how people or groups relate to one another and should be used with thoughtfulness and wisdom. Design has influenced change in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

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