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The BFA concentration in Sculpture covers a wide range of conceptual and material experiences. Starting with the elements and principles of design, students will be exposed to fundamental approaches to the field. At first, emphasis is placed on woodworking, welded steel and casting. The student learns the technical skills to design objects that emphasize principles such as mass, volume, line, plane, space, color and texture. Then the advanced student explores a variety of approaches in order to develop a personal vision. These approaches include mixed media, incorporation of found objects, kinetics, installation and earth-works. Finally, the BFA graduate produces a body of work that is conceptually challenging and technically proficient in relation to the contemporary art world.

The sculpture facility encompasses over 6000 square feet of workspace. It features a woodshop equipped with a full compliment of tools including a table saw, band saws, lathe, planer, jointer, miter saw, panel saw, belt and disc sander, spindle sander and full exhaust system. The welding facility includes three MIG welders, two plasma cutters, a TIG welder, an arc welder, and a four-station oxyacetylene welding area, complete with a newly renovated exhaust system. Our casting facility is capable of pouring up to 90 lbs. of bronze and 30 lbs. of aluminum. Mold-making approaches involve bonded sand techniques and patterns using wax, wood, and oil-based clay.

Sculpture offers a challenging approach to art that allows the student to learn that form and materials have a voice. Students earning a BFA concentration in Sculpture will possess a strong, well-rounded education that can be used to pursue fine art studies at the graduate level, and for pursuing a variety of sculpture and 3D related careers.

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