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AREAS OF STUDY: Photography

Area & Facilities

The BFA concentration in Photography offers students the opportunity to study the fine art applications of photography within the context of a thriving studio arts program. Students will gain knowledge of and experience working with the latest digital tools and techniques as well as working with traditional and historical cameras and darkroom processes.

Whether still or moving, electronic or film-based, photographic means are the most common way to construct images and to disseminate visual information, thereby placing photography front and center in much of current critical discourse in the fine arts. Students with a BFA concentration in photography will possess a strong foundation for pursuing fine art studies at the graduate level, and for pursuing a variety of art and photography related careers.

The department has a fourteen-station darkroom and a new ten-station computer lab, as well as studio lighting and camera equipment available for student use.

Photo I and II, Open Portfolio Night - Fall07 (click to view images)


Student Work

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